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Public Lecture Series: Risk Management, Not Risky Management: Project Management Post-Covid | Dr Greg Skulmoski

Most projects have a budget and schedule, yet in Australia only 42% of our projects are delivered on time and 42% to budget (Project Delivery Performance in Australia, 2020).
Why? Primary reason: risks become issues. Therefore, if we want to improve our project success rate, improve project risk management practices. However, the problem we face is most risk management frameworks are overly complicated, requiring advanced statistics. The result is practitioners often do not prioritize project risk management leading to less-than-successful project outcomes.

In this public lecture, Dr Skulmoski presents a simple risk management framework that can immediately be used on most projects, most of the time. Greg will also share a technique to quickly develop cost or duration estimates in conditions of uncertainty like a Covid-disrupted business environment with a race towards digital transformation. 

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About the speaker
Greg Skulmoski is a seasoned (and bruised!) project manager having led both technical and non-technical projects in the Middle East and Canada. Greg has a PhD in project management where he focused his research on the competencies required for transformation and optimization projects. 

Dr. Skulmoski currently teaches project innovation management at Bond University in the Faculty of Society and Design. Greg’s teaching focus is on practical processes and tools to successfully deliver mission-critical, transformation projects. Greg used these hybrid project management tools and processes to win the CISO 2017 Middle East Security Award (for risk management in projects). Later, Greg was one of the project managers for the Smartphone-Connected Pacemaker Devices project that won the Cleveland Clinic Top 10 Medical Innovations For 2021.