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Attendance requirements

Bond University College considers attendance and class participation a vital part of succeeding in learning with us. Engaging with teachers and peers not only provides greater clarity in understanding course material but also in providing a greater connection with teachers and peers. Bond University College expects students to maintain a minimum overall attendance level of 80% or above.

Under the provisions of the ESOS Act and the National Code, international students enrolled in the English and Foundation programs must, as a condition of their visa, maintain a minimum attendance rate of 80% in each period of enrolment.

If for any reason a English or Foundation student is absent for five (5) consecutive days the student will be sent communication/s requesting them to make contact with the College.

  • A period of enrolment for English and Foundation programs is defined as a teaching period.

How is my attendance recorded?

  • Attendance is marked by your teacher at the beginning of every class.
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late or leave any class for more than five minutes you will be marked absent for that class.
  • All¬†absences from class, including absences due to illness, are counted as official absences.
  • Your attendance percentage is calculated by dividing the total hours of classes you have attended by the total hours of classes held to that date. For example, if you attended 15 hours and the total hours of classes were 20 hours, the calculation is 15 divided by 20 times 100 = (15/20) x 100 = 75%.

What if I am sick?

What happens if my attendance is too low?

All attendance warning letters will be emailed to your student email account. You may be called or contacted via SMS as well. It is necessary for you to ensure the University has your up-to-date contact details at all times.

  • If your attendance falls below 90%, BUC will send you a First Warning Letter and you will be invited to an appointment to see the Student Support and Success Officer to discuss your absences.
  • If your attendance falls below 85% you will receive a Second Warning Letter. You are required to attend an appointment to speak with the Student Support and Success Officer at this time.
  • If, as a Student Visa holder, your attendance still does not improve and it becomes impossible for you to achieve an 80% attendance by the end of your period of enrolment, even if you should attend all remaining classes, you may receive written notice of our intention to report you to the Immigration authority.
  • After receiving written notice of our intention to report you, you have 20 working days to make an appeal through the¬†appeals process. For more information please go to the Student Grievance Management Policy and Student Review and Appeals Procedure.
  • During the¬†Appeals Process, you should continue to attend all classes until such time as all avenues of appeal have been exhausted.¬†¬†
  • Reporting to the Immigration section of Department of Home Affairs will commence immediately should you choose to withdraw from the appeals process. As you are no longer enrolled in a program of study, you will breach condition 8202 of your student visa. You must contact the nearest Immigration Office within 28 days to discuss this breach and possible options. Failure to comply with the conditions of your student visa will have serious consequences.

Please note:

Bond University may choose not to report a student where the student’s attendance is between 70% and 80% by the end of their program, and they have provided clear and documented evidence showing there is compelling and compassionate reasons for their absences.

Such reasons would include serious illness or injury for a defined period, the death of a close family member, major political upheaval, a natural disaster or involvement in, witnessing or being the victim of a serious traumatic experience.

What happens to my attendance rate if I extend my enrolment?

If you apply to extend your enrolment, a new attendance period will start from the re-enrolment period. You may not be eligible to re-enrol in further courses if your attendance rate is below 80%.

Progression regulations

For the progression regulations please go to Academic Progress Policy.