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Bond University Ally Network

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Working to achieve an inclusive, safe and supportive environment for LGBTIQ+ students and staff.

The Bond University Ally network provides support to LGBTIQ+ staff and students. Members of the Ally network act as a point of contact for staff and students to discuss LGBTIQ+ issues and concerns.

What is an Ally?

An Ally is an informed Bond University staff member who understands the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community and supports LGBTIQ+ community members by raising awareness and being a contact to any staff member or student who wishes to discuss LGBTIQ+ issues and concerns or seeks to find out further information.

An Ally does not have to identify as LGBTIQ+ and can be any member of staff who supports the LGBTIQ+ community and completes the steps to becoming an Ally. Allies are also not trained counsellors, nor are they able to act upon a grievance or dispute resolution process in relation to alleged bullying or harassment.

Staff and student access only

Bond University Ally Network