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Bond University Ally Network

Working to achieve an inclusive, safe and supportive environment for LGBTIQ students and staff.

The Bond University Ally network provides support to LGBTIQ staff and students. Members of the Ally network act as a point of contact for staff and students to discuss LGBTIQ issues and concerns.

What is an Ally?

An Ally is an informed Bond University staff member who understands the rights of the LGBTIQ community and supports LGBTIQ community members by raising awareness and being a contact to any staff member or student who wishes to discuss LGBTIQ issues and concerns or seeks to find out further information.

An Ally does not have to identify as LGBTIQ and can be any member of staff who supports the LGBTIQ community and completes the steps to becoming an Ally. Allies are also not trained counsellors, nor are they able to act upon a grievance or dispute resolution process in relation to alleged bullying or harassment.

Bond University Allies



Contact Details

Alison Taylor Office of the Core Curriculum +61 7 5595 2525
Fiona Self Marketing & Communications +61 7 5595 5638
Jo Bishop Health Sciences & Medicine +61 7 5595 5492
Keitha Dunstan Provost +61 7 5595 4088
Kerry Valentine Student Success & Wellbeing +61 7 5595 3341
Laura-Leigh Cameron-Dow Faculty of Law +61 7 5595 2078
Leanne Stewart Office of the Provost +61 7 5595 2268
Libby Taylor Faculty of Law +61 7 5595 1680
Marie Cowling Human Resources +61 7 5595 1215
Sarah Bateup Library +61 7 5595 2135
Sue Hutley Library Services +61 7 5595 3530
Tanya Forbes Health Sciences and Medicine +61 7 5595 4415