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Why I decided to study in Australia | Maju from Brazil

Written by Bachelor of Biomedical Science student Maria Julia (Maju) Rodrigues Azevedo

Why I did I decide to study in Australia? Well, why not? 

Jokes aside, it has been a long journey, one that started well before I arrived in Australia. Everything first began when I left my home country of Brazil to do an exchange program at a small high school in the United States. I was supposed to stay for just six months, but this ended up being seven years! After high school, I attended university in the USA, and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Tampa. 

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so I had to go back home quite abruptly. It was a mix of emotions. On one hand, I knew that everything was out of my control because of COVID, but on the other, I knew that the pandemic would end at some point, and I had to decide what I was going to do with my life next. Was I going to return to the USA, or stay at home in Brazil?

Maju is wearing a graduation cap and gown pictured in front of a building at the University of Tampa

Ultimately, I knew that from my previous experience in the USA that I was a ‘citizen of the world’ and that travelling and living abroad was in my future. I decided I wanted to go somewhere where I could experience everything anew rather than heading back to the USA.  

Australia wasn’t on my radar until a friend of mine told me I would love it. This then prompted many random Google searches, trying to find out more about the country and my study options. I found Bond’s website and connected with Caio, a fellow Brazilian national who was studying medicine at Bond. When chatting with Caio about my aspirations, he told me all about the Bachelor of Biomedical Science program (CRICOS 063085B) at Bond, and how this can provide an opportunity to take the lateral entry pathway into Year 2 of the Medical Program (CRICOS 0101292 and111520H) if you select the Pre-Health Professional major (and do well in your studies, of course!). 

Something that stood out for me was that the Bachelor of Biomedical Science was only two years, compared to the same degree in the USA, which would usually be four years. I thought to myself, ‘well, two years will fly by’ – and in that time, I knew I would get to discover a new country and meet new friends, as well as securing another degree. 

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science serves as a potential pathway into a number of other postgraduate programs, too – which is why recently, I actually decided to change up my next steps and pursue the Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice (CRICOS 105326E) instead of the Medical Program. This degree aligns better with my lifestyle and what I want from a career. The beauty of studying at Bond is that the academic and professional staff are so supportive, so whatever path you choose to pursue, you know that there will be someone there to guide you along the way. 

When trying to settle on a university, there were a few other things that influenced me to choose Bond. The first one was the location – c’mon, look at where this uni is located! The Gold Coast is an absolute dream, with the most amazing beaches, great coffee and food, and the opportunity for so many adventures.

Maju, a woman with brown hair and tan skin, is smiling with the beach and a beautiful sunset behind her

I also decided I didn’t want to go to a school with 300 students per class – I just knew I wouldn’t be able to pay attention! Bond is the complete opposite, with small classes that allow you to get to know your classmates and forge one-on-one connections with academics. This makes the learning experience so much better, in my opinion. 

Lastly, Bond’s three-semester-per-year system and accelerated degrees definitely influenced my decision. The 12-week semester style that Bond has is awesome! Coming from the USA, where a semester is generally four months long, I would get so bored with my subjects before the semester was finished. Here at Bond, because it’s so fast-paced, I am able to enjoy my classes more. For me, content also stays fresher in my mind this way, which has allowed me to apply my previous knowledge to current classes. 

At Bond, the time in between semesters is usually three to four weeks, which is a great opportunity to make some money working or travel to a new city. Last year, after the May semester finished, I travelled to Adelaide, Melbourne, and Hobart, and had so much fun! When I returned, I was rested and ready to take on the new semester. 

Since commencing my degree at Bond in 2022, I can confirm that now, I feel even more confident and happy in my decision to move to the Gold Coast and study here. I think that everyone should experience moving abroad and seeing the world for themselves – and I couldn’t recommend Bond more as the place to do it. I hope to see you here soon! 

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