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Why esports is 2021's most exciting industry

If you've grown up playing games on the floor of your bedroom, you might have been in training to be part of a lucrative, billion-dollar industry. 

Introducing esports. 

The esports industry is predicted to generate US$300 billion by 2025. Already, esports tournaments are taking place all over the world, with the world's top gamers competing in stadiums in front of thousands of cheering fans.

If you're familiar with esports, the industry is based around teams or individuals competing against each other in video game tournaments, and it’s currently the fastest growing industry in the world. All of this growth presents incredible opportunities for the next generation of gamers - and professionals who make these tournaments, deals and partnerships happen. 

Discover esports at the Somerset Festival of Entrepreneurship

From those who want to be behind the keyboard, or behind the scenes, the growing esports industry will employ many Australians in the future. So, what better time to learn all about it than now? 

Games for Change by Associate Professor James Birt 

On the first day of the 2021 Somerset Celebration of Entrepreneurship, Bond University's Associate Professor James Birt will be exploring the positive impact computer games have had on society with his keynoting address exploring Games for Change. The presentation will focus on his entrepreneurial approaches and collaborative research projects exploring critical thinking using esports and games technology for educational training.

Visit the E-Sports Precinct 

Dr Birt and Domestic Regional Manager Boyd Shacklock will be available throughout the festival to dive deeper into the world of esports, and into how Bond is activating esports into programs, research and student experience.

Making the most of esports at Bond

Internships, partnerships and more 

In 2020, Bond partnered with The Chiefs professional esports club to provide opportunities and pathways for students into the esports industry. As part of this partnership, Bond students have been completing internships with The Chiefs and gaining invaluable experience into the industry - even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Esports Hub 

Bond students have access to the purpose-built Esports Hub, which includes high-performance gaming machines, a training and coaching facility and the ability to stream to Bond’s 500-seat theatre.

Transforming the future of esports 

There's so much more to the esports industry than just fun and games. The industry's growth will see professionals employed in all aspects of the industry, from commercial partnerships to sport management, and even the law. Those who succeed in riding the esports wave will be equipped with the skills and mindset to adapt and grow with the industry. Bond's innovative Transformation Degrees prepare students with the knowledge, skills and qualities to get ahead in the industry. 

"Esports is all about rapid growth and using established fundamental practices whilst quickly understanding and adapting to new technological and social changes. It's critical that we have open minded team members who can explore innovative ideas in an ever-changing market. This is a core component of many technological based industries. Bond University’s Transformation Degrees are helping students to develop the qualities required to excel in the market." 

Nick Bobir, Managing Director, The Chiefs Esports Club


See Bond at the Somerset Celebration of Entrepreneurship

Speak to Bond's esport experts and staff at the Somerset Celebration of Entrepreneurship.

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