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To the uni student who feels like something is missing…

Written by Bachelor of Biomedical Science student Charlotte Gibbs

A girl with brown hair stands next to a sign that reads Bond University, smiling
Charlotte Gibbs

Dear student, 

Not too long ago, I was where you are. I was you. I was in my first classes of university, in the opening chapter of uni life and my career. 

Starting university is such an exciting time, full of new opportunities, growth, and development. After graduating high school in 2022, I began tertiary study in Melbourne, eager to experience on-campus life after online schooling and lockdowns during my final two years of high school. I became involved in clubs, sports, made new friends, and enjoyed my studies, but I still felt like something was lacking. Campus life was exciting and fun, but I felt a bit like a drop in the ocean, surrounded by 2,500 other students in my cohort. There was a missing piece of my puzzle and I hadn’t quite figured out what it was.

Fast forward to November 2022, when I travelled with my mum and younger sister to the Gold Coast for a holiday. My mum was participating in a course run by Bond University, and my younger sister and I decided to visit the campus. I had heard about Bond through my school in Melbourne, but had never visited the campus due to the border restrictions throughout my final years of school. As soon as I saw the big Bond University sign and set foot through the gates, I knew this was where I would end up. There was something about the campus that just felt right, a feeling I had not yet experienced at uni in Melbourne. I could see myself here, and I knew this was a place I could – and eventually, would – call my second home.

After this fortuitous trip, everything fell into place. Within only nine weeks, I applied for and was accepted to study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (CRICOS 063085B) at Bond, packed up my life in Melbourne, and made the move to the Gold Coast. As simple as it sounds, though, the decision to switch universities was not an easy one. There are a lot of factors to consider and questions to ask yourself to ensure it is the right choice for you. After arriving and settling in at Bond, though, I knew that this decision was the right one for me.

A girl with brown hair is smiling under the Bond University Arch with the Limitless sculpture in the background
When I first visited the Bond campus, everything clicked into place

Since settling in at Bond, there are a couple of things that have really stood out to me that have made my university experience enjoyable and memorable.

The first thing is the small cohort and class sizes. There are around 120 students in my cohort, which allows us to form strong connections, collaborate, and interact with one another. The ability to connect and communicate effectively is central to our learning, as different students have diverse insights and perceptions that we can all learn from to develop new styles of thinking and deepen our understanding of the world. The small cohort size stood out to me when I began studying at Bond, as I had come from a large university with over 1,000 students in my cohort. In stark contrast, I love studying with a small cohort of motivated and like-minded people!

The academic teaching staff at Bond is the second stand-out for me. After just one week of classes, most of the academics already knew our names! Having such engaged teachers makes the learning experience more enjoyable and rewarding, and allows us to challenge ourselves and step outside of our comfort zones in a safe environment. At Bond, I feel valued and supported, as I know all the staff are here to help us and ensure we receive the guidance we need.

Finally, I have to touch on the campus life! There is so much to get involved in on campus, including sports, clubs and societies, travel opportunities, gym classes at the Sports Centre, and more. Everyone is so friendly and because the campus is small, it’s easy to settle in! I’m currently a the president of the Bond Social Running Club, which has proven to be a a great way to meet new people. In my opinion, there’s no better way to start your morning on the Gold Coast than with a run, swim, and a coffee! I also do social tennis, am a Bond Student Ambassador, and try to make the most of the classes offered at our fully-fledged gym each week.

A beautiful view of clear blue water, blue sky, and greenery
Just one of the many beautiful views on the Gold Coast, just a short distance from Bond's campus

So, to the uni student who feels like something is missing, I know how you feel. I have been in your position and understand the challenges that come with the decision to switch universities. But, upon reflection of how I ended up at Bond, I know I have found my place – and I know that with some introspection and perseverance, you will too! 

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