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Study Series | How to avoid Hubert Face

Life can get pretty stressful, whether exams are looming, you've got a test to study for or a deadline to meet. Every person is affected by 'Hubert Face' at some point. 

The signs of Hubert Face may include a furrowed brow, a downward turned mouth, and a feeling of pressure that just won't go away. 

The good news is there IS a cure. Follow these seven steps to stay Hubert Face-free during exam time.

Step 1: Feed the brain

Meeting your daily vitamin and mineral requirements will make doing your best much easier. Try eating a healthy dinner including foods rich in Omega-3 (like salmon) or making a bowl of fruit and yoghurt instead of reaching for the nearest chocolate bar.

Step 2: Stay hydrated

Feeling cranky? Make sure you're getting enough water. The 'eight glasses per day' rule is a rule for a reason - so mark your water intake off during the day to stay on track. 

Step 3: Get moving

Get your blood pumping with a run around the block, take the dog for a walk or swim a few laps. Make the time to clear your head and have some fun - your mind (and face) will thank you for it! 

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy

Step 4: Breathe

It sounds simple, but you'd be surprised to know exactly how much your breathing is affected when you're under stress. Take 10 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, and feel the effects on your body and mind. 

Step 5: Take a break

You can't study for 24-hours a day. Or at least, you can't study effectively for long chunks of time. It's important to let your mind absorb the information you've been learning. Get away from your notes and computer, watch a movie, listen to a podcast or do whatever helps you to relax and rest. 

Have a break. Have a chit-chat

Step 6: Sleep on it

It's proven that how the brain processes information during rest can improve future learning. Be sure to make the time for eight hours of sleep between study sessions. 

Step 7: Be kind to yourself

You're almost there! Celebrate the small wins along the way - like completing a practice exam or simply getting through another week of productive study - and take the time to reflect on how far you've come. 

Back yourself, work hard and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. 

We're here to help! Hubert Face-proof your exam period by applying direct to Bond before your results are released, or exploring your study options with our friendly Office of Future Students team. 

2022 Year 12 Entry

To ensure students are not disadvantaged by the hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bond University will support students by assessing applications based on their first semester Year 12 results.

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