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How to maximise your time exploring tertiary options

The concept of selecting the ‘right’ university is fraught with big questions and big decisions. As a parent, you want to support your child through this inevitably complicated journey, but you also want to ensure you’re doing your due diligence in sticking by their side while they explore their options.

There are so many paths and initiatives that allow you to dive deep into a university’s program offerings, student experience, campus and more – and they’re all valid ways to determine whether that’s the right place for your child to take the next step in their educational journey. Here’s a look at the kinds of opportunities you can explore to maximise your time when deliberating over tertiary options with your child.

Attend an Open Day

One of the most obvious, and arguably, one of the best, ways to explore a university is to attend its physical, on-campus Open Day. Most universities and colleges open their campus once a year for future students to visit and take in all that’s on offer. For instance, at the Bond Open Day, you’ll get the chance to meet academics, chat to current students, explore a study area and take a tour of our beautiful campus.

In a world where COVID border restrictions are still a glaring reality, attending an Open Day in person is easier said than done. If you and your child are exploring out-of-state or international tertiary options, you might like to investigate any livestreamed or on-demand content. Our Open Day Live experience is an incredible way to learn more about Bond from the comfort of your couch. Your family can connect with the valuable voices that’ll help you to better understand what we’re all about, including academics, students and alumni.

Explore a university’s content library

Get to know a potential university by delving into their content. Whether it’s via on-demand or live content at a virtual open day, by trawling YouTube, or simply by exploring their website, blog or social media accounts, this information is there for a reason – to give you some insight into an institution’s core offerings and ethos. It’s worth slating some time with your child to watch or read an array of content from different universities to see what stands out, and pinpoint what resonates well. You could even play it on your TV or projector and make a fun afternoon of getting to know different universities virtually.

Seek out opportunities

You know what they say – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Something to keep in mind when trying to learn more about a university is that they often have a multitude of opportunities on offer for keen prospective students and their parents.

A campus tour, for instance, is always a great idea. Depending on the universities or colleges you’re looking at, you might be guided by a student, university liaison or even an academic, who’ll give you the lowdown on everything from study areas to social life. This is a chance to ask the experts questions in a more candid and low-pressure format where you’ll be able to prioritise what your child is looking for in a university experience – while you take in the beautiful scenery, that is!

Depending on the college, TAFE or university, there might even be more immersive experiences to partake in. Here at Bond, prospective undergraduate students and their parents can get a true picture of uni life with a Personal Open Day.

Have a chat

Speaking to someone who knows a university inside and out is key to working out whether it’s the right place for your child – so why not set up a chat? There are many ways to do this depending on whose perspective you’re looking to get and the questions you want answered.

At Bond, every prospective student is assigned a regional manager, so they’ll be the best person to ask any questions you’ve got as you and your child navigate this exciting journey. They’re fonts of knowledge and will be happy to answer any of your queries, from the intricacies of their selected program and extracurriculars on campus, to finding the best place to grab a bite to eat after class. If you’d like to speak to a student, our Office of Future Students team can connect you and your family with someone who’s lived the Bond experience through and through, and will have unmatched insight into the whole process.

Deciding where to go to university or college isn’t easy – in fact, it’s probably the biggest choice your child has made in their entire life thus far. Be sure to explore all the options and to really dig into what’s available to ensure you’re setting your child up to make an informed and confident choice.

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