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Bond University's Women in STEM

From the frontlines of COVID-19 care to space exploration, climate change research and so much more, there are brilliant women making huge strides in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) around the world. So, we’re zeroing in on a few of them; in particular the wonderful women on our own doorstep here at Bond University.

Many students and academics choose to pursue a career in STEM to nurture their curiosity, research their passions and educate their peers, and are often inspired by their community and those who can encourage perseverance and self-belief. 

Bond’s women in STEM are intelligent, ambitious and influential in their respective careers. With so many diverse opportunities to explore, we’re providing a glimpse into what a career in this field looks like. 

Here are some of their stories.  

Dr Jessica Stokes-Parish: Assistant Professor of Medicine (Clinical Practice)

From a young age, Dr Stokes-Parish always knew she wanted to pursue a career in health sciences, inspired by the power and impact of Australia's healthcare system. What she didn’t know was that her deep love of learning and understanding science would eventually blossom into a career as a science educator. 

Read Dr Stokes-Parish's blog


Eleanor West: Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine PhD student

Eleanor’s introduction to STEM during school set her on an undoubtedly clear path to study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, with an initial goal of pursuing a career in medicine. Now, Eleanor is completing her PhD in neurourology and pharmacology with the hopes of making a significant contribution to the world of research. 

Read Eleanor's blog


Dr Nicolene Lottering: Assistant Professor in Medicine

When Dr Lottering started her degree in forensic science, she couldn’t have imagined her career trajectory would change in the way that it did. Her curiosity drew her into anthropology and forensic osteology, ultimately leading to her current position as Assistant Professor in Medicine here at Bond. 

Read Dr Lottering's blog


Dr Iris Lim: Assistant Professor in Biomedical Science

Dr Iris Lim has taken her understanding of STEM wide and far, interested in various areas within medical science, but most excited by conducting research in pharmacology. Now, teaching neurophysiology and anatomy in Bond’s Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Dr Lim is still actively researching in the areas of pharmacology and urology.  

Read Dr Lim's blog


Dr Anna Lorimer: Assistant Professor of Sport and Exercise Science

As a lover of history and science, Dr Anna Lorimer’s passion for STEM came naturally, initially pursuing medicinal chemistry. Although, her path to teaching didn’t come quite as easy, in fact, it was ‘a little out of the ordinary’, as she likes to say.  

Read Dr Lorimer's blog


Charlotte Phelps: Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine PhD student

Intrigued by the human body and the complexity of health sciences and medicine, Charlotte completed her undergraduate studies and honours degree here at Bond. She is currently a PhD candidate researching the physiology and pharmacology of the urinary tract, discovering her passion in higher education and teaching.  

Read Charlotte's blog


Amanda Tauber: Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine PhD student

A career in STEM hasn’t always been Amanda’s first choice, and choosing to study biomedical science was a decision that required cycling through a number of career options. Currently, in the final stretch of completing her PhD in medicinal chemistry, Amanda is looking forward to unlocking her future in research and teaching STEM.  

Read Amanda's blog


Dayna Bushell: Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine PhD student

Dayna’s interest in medicine and science has been a driving force in completing Bond’s Bachelor of Biomedical Science. Learning from academics and being influenced by their words of encouragement, Dayna is continuing to pursue a research career in science, working towards becoming an academic in the health sciences and medicine field.  

Read Dayna's blog


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