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Bachelor of Business vs Bachelor of Commerce: Which one is right for me?

The business and commerce sectors are often grouped together – after all, to be successful in either of these fields, you need business acumen, drive, problem-solving skills and critical thinking, just to name a few core attributes. However, they’re also vastly different, and can lead to unique careers in a number of industries.

So, if you’re tossing up between a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Commerce, it’s important to know the key similarities and differences between these programs, and ultimately, where they could lead you in the future.

Whichever you pick, a fast-paced and challenging career awaits – here’s our breakdown of the Bachelor of Business versus the Bachelor of Commerce at Bond.

Exploring the Bachelor of Business

If you’re buzzing to kickstart a career in business with a focus on management, planning or entrepreneurship, the Bachelor of Business (CRICOS 063055G) might be for you. This program imparts key knowledge to help you prepare for a spectacular career in business, whether that’s starting your own company or flexing your skills in an area of your choice. It provides a general overview of business best practices that you can translate into your specialisation, and will prep you to understand the ins and outs of running a business or managing one.

A huge part of the Bachelor of Business is your major. As well as twelve subjects undertaken by all students within this program, you’ll select six subjects from one of six majors – entrepreneurship and innovation, international business, management, marketing, marketing communication or hotel and tourism management. If you’re particularly interested in pursuing multiple areas, you can also select a second major in place of your six elective subjects.

Having this opportunity to specialise means you’ll emerge from your university studies with the right knowledge to pursue your individual career goals. This paired with the general business subjects offered within the Bachelor of Business will form a comprehensive yet focused understanding of all areas of the business sector, equipping you to be adaptive and reflexive in your future career.

Take a tour of the Bond Business School, which offers a wide range of business-focused programs including the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce.

Deciphering the Bachelor of Commerce

Where the Bachelor of Business takes a more general approach to business, with the opportunity to direct your learning through a specialisation, the Bachelor of Commerce (CRICOS 063059D) is inherently more focused. It’s designed to develop strong financial literacy and drill down on business analytics, as well as establishing that core knowledge necessary to understand and work in the wider business sector.

Bachelor of Commerce students must also select from majors, however these take a different tack to those within the Bachelor of Business, highlighting the financial, analytical and mathematical skills required to perform jobs with a higher level of presumed knowledge. You’ll select six subjects from five available majors – accounting, actuarial science, data analytics, economics and finance – and use these to shape and mould the trajectory of your studies, and ultimately, the incredible commerce career that’s in front of you. There’s also the option to pursue an additional major or minor in place of some or all of your electives. 

Students within the Bachelor of Commerce will often be required to work with data and develop their analytical skills, and so, have full access to the FinTech Hub, Bond’s innovative learning space equipped with 40 Bloomberg terminals – the most of any university in Australia.

How are the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce similar?

Both the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce kick off with three modules designed to support every graduate’s career trajectory, incorporating critical thinking, leadership, and team building. These are part of Bond’s core curriculum, and are central to every undergraduate degree in an effort to equip you for the workplace and help you to stand out amongst your peers. 

Across both degrees, there are also nine required subjects that are designed to give you a well-rounded perspective of the business world and the attributes necessary to succeed. Some of these subjects overlap, but you’ll find that the Bachelor of Business takes a more general approach, imparting broad-spectrum knowledge in marketing, human resource management, business law, finance and more, whereas the Bachelor of Commerce places more emphasis on specialist fields or professions like economics, finance and accounting. It's important to note that Bond's focus on small class sizes and individualised learning means that whichever subjects you take, you'll have the opportunity to really engage with your peers and academics, giving you a platform to dig deeper into what interests you with the support of those around you. 

Both programs provide students with a host of other opportunities within the Bond Business School. You’ll have exclusive access to the Bond Business Commercialisation Centre and the Bond Business Accelerator, which offer a comprehensive spread of learning resources and tools, mentoring programs, networking opportunities and more. The Bond Business School is dedicated to providing students with unparalleled opportunity and building the business leaders of tomorrow, something that’s achieved through programs and developments like these. All Bond students can also engage with Transformer, our Australian-first entrepreneurship incubator, designed to help you to bring big ideas to life in a supportive environment. 

All Bond Business School students have access to resources like the Bond Business Accelerator, the Bond Business Commercialisation Centre, and Transformer (pictured)

Comparing career outcomes

Your choice of program will likely come down to your career aspirations – while the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce have their parallels, the individual skills fostered within each degree lead to specialised, expert knowledge and ultimately, different outcomes post-graduation.

The Bachelor of Business looks more at the management side of the industry, and takes a broader, less technical approach to learning, instead developing those critical skills that’ll let you grow and develop on a more granular level once you’re out there in the workforce. You’ll be ready to step into a variety of roles, and depending on your choice of elective, might be uniquely placed to direct your skills towards a particular sector of business, such as international hotel and tourism management, human resources or marketing. You’ll learn how to start a business from inception to success, so if you’re all about entrepreneurship, this will be right up your alley.

Meanwhile, the Bachelor of Commerce equips its graduates with specialised knowledge of data analytics, finance, economics and more, readying you for careers that require these skills. From banking to data analysis, actuarial science, finance and beyond, you’ll prepare to hone a number of technical skills in the workplace or through further study. Just like business graduates, with a commerce degree from Bond, you’ll be empowered with the right knowledge to stand out in industry and take on your area of choice, presenting new ideas and breaking the mould.

To double or not to double?

Of course, if you’re still on the fence about the right degree for you, there’s always the option of doubling up! Pair the Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Commerce (CRICOS 088305M) together to emerge from your tertiary studies with a well-rounded understanding of the business sphere, and the niche skills that will help you stand head and shoulders above the rest when you enter the industry. Plus, at Bond, a double degree in business and commerce can be completed in just eight semesters (2 years and 8 months) â€“ shorter than a standard single degree at other universities. 

So, what’s the right choice? Ultimately, like all big decisions, it comes down to you and your goals and aspirations. Use this knowledge about the Bachelor of Business and the Bachelor of Commerce to compare the two as they pertain to your future path.

Of course, if you need a little help with that big decision, your Regional Manager is always here to help – reach out now.

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