PSYC71-503: Counselling Psychotherapies and Clinical Skills


This subject provides 48 hours of formal academic training in basic counselling skills and selected evidence based psychotherapies and interventions. The psychotherapies covered include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Group Therapy Processes. Students undertake skills training in interviewing and counselling, developing the therapeutic alliance and therapeutic techniques across the lifespan. Non-specific factors and their influence on psychological interventions are covered. A critical thinking approach to the research underpinning and evaluation of empirically validated treatments is emphasised.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge of psychological theories and models, the empirical findings supporting these theories and the methods employed to establish them, the major methods of psychological investigation and techniques of measurement and their application and interpretation, and design and implement a psychological intervention.
2. Demonstrate understanding and compliance with ethical requirements such as confidentiality, privacy, and consent issues, and self-evaluation skills.
3. Demonstrate skills and knowledge in conducting systematic psychological assessment using a wide range of assessment techniques.
4. Demonstrate skills and knowledge regarding intervention strategies.
5. Demonstrate the ability to find, understand, collate and critique published empirical research relevant to psychotherapies and clinical practice.
6. Demonstrate the capacity to convey, appraise and interpret information in both oral and written formats.


Only available if admitted into a Postgraduate Psychology accredited program

Subject outlines