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NUTR71-702: Professional Placement Internship - Food Service Management


The nutrition and dietetics professional placement internship (PPI) program is distributed across five subjects that collectively meet the professional placement accreditation requirements of the Dietitians Association of Australia. The PPI provides a minimum of 24 weeks professional practice in the fields of Individual Case Management (2 x PPIs), Food Service Management (1 x PPI), Community and Public Health Nutrition (1 x PPI) and an elective setting (1 x PPI). In this PPI, students perform Food Service Management (FSM) in settings such as hospitals and aged-care facilities for a minimum 4-week, full-time internship. This is performed under the supervision of an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) who is affiliated with and supported by Bond University. On completion of this PPI, students’ attainment of FSM competency is assessed by the Practice Supervisor in conjunction with the Internship Coordinator at Bond University. Final assessment of FSM competency to determine fitness to practice and eligibility to graduate from the Master of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice (MNDP) program will occur in the final year of the MNDP program.

Subject details

FacultyFaculty of Health Sciences & Medicine
Semesters offered
  • September 2018 [Non-Standard Offering - Weeks 1 - 6]
  • September 2018 [Non-Standard Offering - Weeks 7 - 12]
  • January 2019 [Non-Standard Offering - Group A]
  • January 2019 [Non-Standard Offering - Group B]
  • May 2019 [Standard Offering]
Study abroadNot Available to Study Abroad students
Study areas
  • Health Sciences
Subject fees
  • Commencing in 2018: $3,703
  • Commencing in 2019: $3,870

Learning outcomes

1. Assess opportunities to improve nutrition and food standards within a food service institution on general and therapeutic menus where individuals are nutritionally dependent.
2. Use qualitative and/or quantitative methods to collect and analyse data to identify food service and/or nutrition issues and the potential impact on the dietary intake of individual and groups.
3. Consider and address the nutritional, personal, cultural, sociological, psychological, socioeconomic needs of individuals and groups and the ordering, preparation, service, availability and distribution of food on food service recommendations and interventions.
4. Develop plans to provide safe and nutritious foods in a food service institution including consideration of food safety programs and relevant legislation.
5. Implement activities to support the delivery of a quality nutrition food service compliant with relevant food standards and evaluates outcomes in the context of plans, goals and implementation activities using standard benchmarks and procedures.
6. Assess and assign priorities for action based on assessment of data and available capacity including a practical timeframe.
7. Identify, consult and engage stakeholders, partners and key food service personnel to enhance the delivery of nutrition care and evaluate and disseminate results of activities with clear justification.
8. Ensure nutrition information provided about food, recipe or menu is accurate.
9. Communicate to effect practice change if required, with consideration of sustainability issues, environmental and economic factors.


Please check the subject outline for pre-requisite subjects.

Subject outlines

Subject dates

Non-Standard Offering - Weeks 2 - 6Non-Standard Offering - Weeks 7 - 11
Enrolment opens12/11/201713/11/2017
Semester start15/01/201815/01/2018
Subject start22/01/201826/02/2018
Cancellation 1?29/01/201805/03/2018
Cancellation 2?30/01/201806/03/2018
Last enrolment27/01/201803/03/2018
Last withdrawal?03/02/201810/03/2018
Teaching census?03/02/201810/03/2018
Non-Standard Offering
Enrolment opens18/03/2018
Semester start14/05/2018
Subject start25/06/2018
Cancellation 1?02/07/2018
Cancellation 2?03/07/2018
Last enrolment30/06/2018
Last withdrawal?07/07/2018
Teaching census?07/07/2018
Non-Standard Offering - Weeks 1 - 6Non-Standard Offering - Weeks 7 - 12
Enrolment opens15/07/201815/07/2018
Semester start10/09/201810/09/2018
Subject start10/09/201822/10/2018
Cancellation 1?17/09/201829/10/2018
Cancellation 2?18/09/201830/10/2018
Last enrolment15/09/201827/10/2018
Last withdrawal?05/10/201805/10/2018
Teaching census?05/10/201805/10/2018