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GMBA70-301: Effective Leadership


The importance of effective leadership and communication to encourage innovation and lead change in a modern organisation cannot be overstated. While the need for the possession of technical and professional excellence in the various functional disciplines is unquestioned, the success or failure of an organisation is largely governed by the quality of its leadership. This includes from the CEO through all levels of middle- management to front-line team leaders. The objectives of this course are to provide theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the leaders of today and tomorrow to utilise in becoming more effective communicators and leaders of others with a specific focus on inspiring creativity and innovation and managing change To do so the course draws upon the latest research and literature in these fields, as well as providing a forum for discussion about the activities and behaviours of successful leadership and communication to be practiced and reflected upon in a risk-free setting. The course will seek to expose students to a range of leadership and communication issues, in order to enhance both their theoretical understanding and knowledge of best practice in these fields.

Subject details

FacultyBond Business School
Semesters offered
  • September 2021 [Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT]
  • January 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT]
  • September 2022 [Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT]
  • January 2023 [Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT]
  • September 2023 [Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT]
Study areas
  • Business and Commerce

Learning outcomes

1. Articulate the nature of leadership
2. Differentiate between traits, functional and situational leadership
3. Enact the skills of transformational leadership.
4. Enhance your personal power base
5. Influence followers toward beneficial outcomes
6. Understand and develop your own personal leadership style

Enrolment requirements

Requisites: ?


Restrictions: ?
  • Study Abroad Students
  • This subject is not available to students on US Financial Aid.
  • Students on a Student Visa may be restricted from enrolment due to the mode of delivery in the chosen semester. Check the subject outline for further details.

Must be admitted into a BBT/MBA Program

This subject is not available as a general elective. To be eligible for enrolment, the subject must be specified in the students’ program structure.

Anti-requisites: ?

  • MGMT70-512 Leadership

Subject outlines

Subject dates

Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT
Enrolment opens02/08/2020
Semester start01/09/2020
Subject start07/09/2020
Cancellation 1?22/09/2020
Cancellation 2?26/09/2020
Last enrolment20/09/2020
Withdraw – Financial?07/10/2020
Withdraw – Academic?25/10/2020
Teaching census?06/10/2020
Non-Standard Offering
Enrolment opens17/11/2020
Semester start18/01/2021
Subject start26/04/2021
Cancellation 1?27/04/2021
Cancellation 2?28/04/2021
Last enrolment26/04/2021
Withdraw – Financial?26/04/2021
Withdraw – Academic?02/05/2021
Teaching census?29/04/2021
Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT
Enrolment opens15/11/2020
Semester start01/01/2021
Subject start26/04/2021
Cancellation 1?27/04/2021
Cancellation 2?28/04/2021
Last enrolment26/04/2021
Withdraw – Financial?30/04/2021
Withdraw – Academic?02/05/2021
Teaching census?29/04/2021
Non-Standard Offering - Bond-BBT
Enrolment opens18/07/2021
Semester start01/09/2021
Subject start13/09/2021
Cancellation 1?22/09/2021
Cancellation 2?24/09/2021
Last enrolment20/09/2021
Withdraw – Financial?30/09/2021
Withdraw – Academic?10/10/2021
Teaching census?29/09/2021