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Year 12 Extension Program

Bond Business School Year 12 Extension Program

Start your university journey ahead of the rest

Get a head start on your studies with the Bond Business School Year 12 Extension Program, which comprises fast-paced and fun two-day workshops designed to prepare you for university life. Facilitated by our world-class academics, the Extension Program offers an enriching opportunity that supports the existing Year 12 curriculum across areas such as business and maths. Faced with real-world situations, participants will hone their skills, problem solve, and work collaboratively with their peers. The Extension Program is free of charge to students.  

Upon the successful completion of a two-day Extension Program workshop, eligible students will receive early entry into their program of choice, and will be able to apply for one of six part-fee (25% and 50%) scholarships or a $5,000 bursary.

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Quote Samirah Aziz

"Throughout the two days, I met strangers that became friends, experienced university life and through conversing with academics and current students, learnt about Bond’s strong sense of community, passion for learning and vast opportunities. Thanks to the program, I felt a sense of familiarity upon starting university, where I saw the culmination of social events, networking, community engagement opportunities, and Bond’s attentive approach to teaching."

- Samirah Aziz, Pacific Pines State High School (graduated 2018)

Who is eligible?

Who is eligible?

The Year 12 Extension Program is run in partnership with a number of schools across South East QLD and Northern NSW. Partner schools can nominate up to eight students per year for the program as long as they fulfil the following criteria.

What you'll gain

The Year 12 Extension Program offers students benefits designed to enrich their high school experience and prepare them for university. As well as providing small-group access to our industry-leading academics, the chance to better prepare for final exams, and unique learning opportunities in new and challenging areas, the Extension Program tangibly supports students on their journey to Bond University through the following initiatives:  

  • Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive an early offer into their chosen degree, subject to meeting the academic entry requirements.
  • Students can also apply for one of six part-fee scholarships exclusive to the Year 12 Extension Program, offering 25% and 50% reductions in tuition fees for an undergraduate degree at Bond University*. (*Excludes Medical Program)
  • There are also bursaries valued at $5,000 available to participating schools who contribute four or more students to the program, and to individual students who receive a high distinction in the program. Bursaries will be credited towards university tuition fees.

Applying for the program

If you’re interested in joining us for the Year 12 Extension Program, the first step is to chat with your career advisor and parents to get their support and permission to attend the workshop. Then, once upcoming dates have been announced, fill out our registration form so we’ve got your details ahead of the experience.

Upcoming dates

Browse upcoming Extension Program opportunities: 

Mathematics stream

Thursday, 13 April and Friday, 14 April, 2023

Business stream

Wednesday, 26 April and Thursday, 27 April, 2023

Friday, 5 May and Saturday, 6 May, 2023

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