Bond Business School research profile

Bond Business hosts research seminars by Australian and international experts, including presentations by our own staff. These are open to staff, students, and the general public. Below is a list of current and upcoming speakers:

29/11/201712pm-1pmDr Rafi ChowdhuryPresentation Religious Orientations and Consumer Ethics: The Mediating Role of Personal Moral Philosophies.
6/12/201712pm-1pmDr Ben HuPresentationDoes Chinese Firms Substitute Related Party Transaction Items to Inflate Earnings Before New Equity Offerings?

Bond Business hosts research seminars by Australian and international experts, including presentations by our own staff. These are open to staff, students, and the general public.

 Date Presenter Title
 22/11/2017Actuarial Hons Students Hons Thesis Presentations
 15/11/2017Dr Danny O'BrienThe “Parallel Path”: Considering Community Capacity in Sport Management Research
 8/11/2017Mark JohnmanPredicting FTSE 100 Returns and Volatility Using Sentiment Analysis
 1/11/2017Dr Sean LiZoom in, zoom out: The role of geographic scale in the analysis of multinational activity
 25/10/2017Robert WrathallDo some Australian Jockeys have hot hands?
 18/10/2017Dr Mike O'Neill & Prof Steve SternBig Data Showcase
 11/10/2017Dr Rajat RoyHow malicious and benign envy affects brand evaluations:  The role of scarcity promotions, need for uniqueness, and social differentiation
 4/10/2017Dr Renata Renek Market Efficiency and the Growth Optimal Portfolio
 27/09/2017Dr Bruce VanstoneResearch Update, Grants, Research Activity & General Business
 20/09/2017Dr Mark SpenceThe Color of Choice:  The Influence of Presenting Product Information in Color on the Compromise Effect
 13/09/2017Dr Safdar KhanThe Determinants of Women’s Empowerment: The Strategic Role of Family Formation and Culture
 16/08/2017Dr Justin CraigEstablishing the Impact of Servant Leadership in a Second Generation Global Family Enterprise
 9/08/2017Dr Prem SaxenaEffects of Age-Selective Emigration and Immigration on Timing and Duration of Opening of Demographic Window– Can the period of ‘Demographic Window’ be extended?
 2/08/2017Ms Libby SandersAntecedents of New Venture Success: Spatial Aspects of Organising
 26/07/2017Dr Tim HassoThe Effect of Using Whiteboard Animation in Teaching Introductory Accounting Concepts
 25/07/2017Dr Bruce DwyerSmall Firm Capital Market Information Asymmetry
 19/07/2017Dr Jan HollindaleImplementing Team-Based Learning (TBL) in Accounting Courses
 12/07/2017Dr Ken JinPotential honours projects
 5/07/2017Dr Sekar Rajaguru & Dr Mike O'NeillDoes Systematic Sampling Preserve Granger Causality with an Application to High Frequency Financial Data?
 28/06/2017Dr Geoff HarrisA constraint based approach to roster generation: An alternative to probabilistic methods in nurse roster generation
 21/06/2017Dr Ron Neilson Is our economic growth sustainable?
 14/06/2017Actuarial Honours StudentsActuarial hons students will give 10-15 minute presentations on their planned research essays
 07/06/2017Prof Keith DuncanFamily Governance and Heterogeneity in Investment Decisions
 31/05/2017Dr Cong WangWhat Has Driven the Great Fertility Decline in Developing Countries since 1960?
 24/05/2017Dr Tim GorstFinancial Services, Risk Culture and the Effective Professional
 17/05/2017Dr George Hrinvak Exploring The Roles of Business Incubators
 12/04/2017Dr Adrian GeppBig Data Techniques In Auditing Research And Practice: Current Trends And Future Opportunities
 29/03/2017Dr Marcus RandallConstrained Optimisation of Agricultural Water Management with Parameter-Sensitive Objectives
 22/03/2017Dr Dean KatselasLiquidity and Information Asymmetry around Unscheduled Mining Announcements
 15/03/2017Dr Shannon Anderson Evidence for the Decision-facilitating Feedback Role of Performance Measurement Systems
 08/03/2017Dr Paul IrvineAnalyst Forecast Momentum
 28/02/2017Dr Jean WinemanEnabling Innovation: Social and Spatial Dimensions of Workspace
 22/02/2017Actuarial Honours StudentsActuarial hons students will give 10-15 minute presentations on their planned research essays
 15/02/2017Bastian Breitmayer Social Feedback and Investor Overconfidence
 08/02/2017Jay MajtykaFragmentation in Equity and Credit Markets: The impact of competition and equilibrium based fragmentation on equity, cryptocurrency and credit markets
 01/02/2017Jeff StephensonA Unified Framework for Statistical Arbitrage
 27/01/2017Mahdi BashiriA Relax-and-Decomposition algorithm for a p-Robust Hub Location Problem
 25/01/2017Dr Gary BowmanThe process of strategic dysfunction: sociomaterialty, sense and logics across realms of strategy
 18/01/2017Steve SternProbabilistic Linkage Accuracy Assessment via Simulation
 08/12/2016Prof Brent RichardsHealth Data Analytics


Dr Simone Kelly & Dr Colette SouthamReal-options valuation model for carbon mineralization pilot project
 28/10/201Robert WrathallDo “Hot hands” and the “Lemons Market” influence the odds of a horse race
 26/10/2016Dr Rafi ChowdhuryThe Moral Foundations of Consumer Ethics
 19/10/2016Norma SwainConference services and the Grants
 13/10/2016-14/10/2016Various Presenters4th Forensic Accounting Teaching and Research Symposium&
 05/10/2016Dr Sonia Vilches-MonteroWhen Less Is More: The Role of Numerical Precision and Dual Processing on Packaged-Food Related and Projective Judgments
 29/09/2016Rui XueFinancial Literacy, Retirement Consumption, Financial Concerns and Strategies among Elderly Australians
 29/09/2016Prof Steve SternThe Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method: Rain rules and modern scoring rates in limited overs cricket
 23/09/2016Dr Arvind ShrivastavaPredicting Financial Distress firms using Bayesian and Machine Learning Techniques
 21/09/2016Johannes BurgerRisk-Taking Behaviour in a Two-Asset Experiment Under Tournament Incentives with Well-Trained Participants
 09/09/2016Sarah OsborneThe Asymmetric Private Information Mask: A Comparative Analysis of Private Equity Bids and Tender/Merger Offers
 09/09/2016Manuel SeigristThe Potential of bacterially mediated carbon mineralization of CO2 in Australia
 07/09/2016Terry MarshInvestor Segmentation, Liquidity and Return Premiums
 19/08/2016 Dr Lingbing FengimputeR: A General Imputation Framework in R
 12/08/2016Dr Geoff Harris“On the automated provision of solution generators of Crosswords, Rosters and Jigsaws : the evaluation of a set of innovative constraint optimization algorithms with translational commercial potential.”
 29/07/2016Ms Nurhastuty Kesumo Wardhani “Audit Committee Characteristics and Monitoring in Shariah-Compliant Companies.”
 13/07/2016Dr Adam ButtNon-parametric integral estimation in stochastic dynamic programming: an introduction using lifetime financial modelling
 22/06/2016Ms Clara ZhouDeviation from target capital structure, cost of equity and speed of adjustment
 8/06/2016Dr Anthony Asher Financial planning calculators: developing engagement and coherent utility elicitation
 27/05/2016Dr Geoff WarrenMySuper default funds: Approach of the super industry, and what members want”
 23/05/2016Prof Michael GoldsteinDealer Behaviour in Highly Illiquid Risky Assets
 4/05/2016Professor Chu ZhangConditional Jump Intensity, Conditional Expected Jump Size, and Relative Stock Price Level”
 22/04/2016Mr Umar RiazSuicide Terrorism against the West; Radicalization and beyond
 6/04/2016Dr Kasper Meisner NielsonPersonal Costs of Executive Turnovers
 18/03/2016Dr Justin CraigReconciling Adam Smith’s theories of the self: Toward a socio-economic (S-E) theory of family business 
 30/10/2015Prof Rober FaffPitching Research 
 15/07/2015Ms Bayan ArqawiEssays in Financial Markets in the Middle East and North Africa
 3/07/2015Dr Rafi ChowdhuryThe Relationship Between Religiosity and Voluntary Simplicity: The Mediating Role of Spiritual Well-Being
 15/06/2015Mr Adrian GeppFinancial statement fraud detection using supervised learning methods
 12/06/2015Professor Mike HarveyDeveloping a research plan and auditing your progress
 18/05/2015Dr Martina LinnenlueckeGlobal Environmental Change: Implications for Business
 15/05/2015Mr Steve SternBeyond Standard Averages: Improved Individual Performance Metrics in Limited Overs Cricket
 13/05/2015Ms Wilma TerblancheDemographic Forecasting
 6/05/2015Dr Kevin FergussonPricing and hedging extreme-maturity interest rate derivatives and equity index options

Below is a sample of our current PhD projects:

Paul BowersThe moderating effects of relationship type on the outcomes of satisfactionMark Spence and Chris DubelaarMarketing
Johannes BurgerRisk-Taking Behaviour in a Two-Asset Experiment Under Tournament Incentives with Well-Trained ParticipantsJulia Henker and Thomas HenkerFinance
Aruna GounderRoles of trade policy in stimulating growth a focus on developing countriesSekar Rajaguru and Rodney FalveyEconomics
Nicholas InglisApplying Machine Learning to Momentum Trading in Australian EquitiesBruce Vanstone, Tobias Hahn and Marcus RandallDigital Business
Jaroslaw MajtykaDark Liquidity – The Real WinnersJulia Henker and Thomas HenkerFinance
Martin MulyadiMoving forward with training & development: Designing a model to assess the effectiveness of training program outcomeKeitha Dunstan and Tamara ZunkerAccounting
Lee Lee OngGender Diversity And Financial Implications: A study in endogeneity issue on females on corporate boardsSimone Kelly and Keitha DunstanFinance
Habib Ur RahmanVulnerability to Crisis, Fiscal Consolidation and Financial Sector Stability: Evidence from the Selected EconomiesSekar Rajaguru and Safdar KhanEconomics
Ahmad Nabeel SiddiqueiImpact of knowledge sharing mechanism on innovation & performance - moderating role of leadershipCynthia Fisher, George Hrivnak and Anthony EricksonManagement
Rui XueThe Opening Risk and Its Contagion Mechanism of Emerging Stock MarketsTerry O'Neil and Garry KhemkaActuarial Science
Laurina YamWhat makes people stay? An investigation of the application of the job embeddedness construct in the hospitality environmentMichael Raybould and Alan Burton-JonesHotel & Tourism Management

For more information about Research at Bond Business, please contact Emma Hunt.