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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment to sustainability

Bond University became the first private, independent university in the Pacific region to be accepted as a signatory to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), on July 9, 2019, 

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are outlined in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and serve as an "urgent call to action by all countries — developed and developing — in a global partnership". The goals and their related targets have been designed in an effort to create tangible and harmonious global change across areas such as poverty, education, healthcare, inequality, and climate change. As we race against a 2030 timeline, these SDGs provide nations and organisations with actionable ways to reform and shape their sustainability practices.  

At Bond, we are committed to aligning our values and practices with this framework, and to harnessing the significant influence universities and higher education institutions have to impact both national and global sustainability efforts. As a university, we are not only capable of contributing knowledge and solutions that directly reflect these SDGs, but also inspiring the next generation of changemakers through innovative programs, initiatives and opportunities.  

We value everyone’s contribution to supporting the SDGs, and recognise the important role our staff, students, alumni, and partners have in working collectively towards the goals.  

Our commitment in action

The University designs and supports a wide variety of initiatives intended to address each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These range from supporting education reform in developing nations to creating equitable opportunities for Indigenous peoples, championing women’s leadership, developing sustainable practices and sustainable infrastructure, and so much more.  

Transforming the future

SDG 4: Quality education

To keep up with our rapidly-changing world, the students of today need to learn the skills of tomorrow – enter Bond’s cross-disciplinary Transformation degrees. With subjects informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, these programs are designed for big thinkers who want to effect lasting change in their sector of choice.  

Graduates will emerge with a new capacity to influence healthcare, entrepreneurship, technology or law – or perhaps another industry entirely – and will be equipped to problem-solve, communicate effectively, and ultimately, enact change in line with the SDGs.  

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SDG 13: Climate action

Central to the UN SDGs is sustainability — the drive and desire to safeguard our world from the devastating effects of climate change, global warming, pollution, rising sea levels and other imminent change. So, it is no surprise that Bond is committing to making positive changes towards sustainability. Since 2005, when we adapted our focus to include programs and initiatives that champion sustainability, we have been leading the way and setting the benchmark for environmentalism in education. This is reflected in so many ways, from our world-first climate law specialisation to the Society & Design Precinct, which values sustainability at its core — and this focus is only growing by the day.  

SDG 10: Reduced inequalities

At Bond, we are committed to the principles of gender equality, equity, diversity and Indigenous participation in education, employment and research. By continuing to embrace diversity and create an equitable environment, we will consequently improve student outcomes, help to reduce inequalities, and achieve greater innovations in learning, teaching, and research.

Initiatives that align with several UNSDGs, but mainly SDG 10, include our Indigenous Gala, which raises critical funds for our Indigenous Scholarship Program, the Nyombil Centre, LGBTIQ+ support, including our Ally Network and Pride Alliance, and BondAbility, which endeavours to make our facilities accessible to all students, among others. 

In line with Bond's Indigenous Education Strategy, we aim to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and graduates, embed Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing in the curriculum, and promote the Indigenous cultural competency of students and staff.

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In 2023, Bond ranked in the top 100 of the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings for the SDG of Good Health and Well-being.

Discover what's happening

Keep up to date with the latest initiatives being run at and around the University that directly support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

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