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Gender Equality Strategy

Bond University Gender Equality Statements of Commitment

Bond University is committed to fully actualising the skills and capabilities of all staff and students to benefit from the talent of all.

We support employment equality, including the representation of women, through our policies, practices, and inclusive culture.

We embrace the importance of work – life balance and the significance of family and community to the staff and students of Bond University.

Bond University Gender Equality Strategy

Strategic context

The Bond University 2018-2022 Strategy Plan’s mission to imbue a spirit to innovate, a commitment to influence and a dedication to inspire tomorrow’s professionals is dependent on the performance, dedication, professionalism, innovation and diversity of staff.

The University recognises that we operate in a diverse local, national and global community and we value the diversity of our staff and student community. Embracing this diversity enables us to fully advance the innovative, creative and intellectual achievements of the University.

The Gender Equality Strategy supports our equitable culture to ensure our ability to recruit and retain internationally recognised academic staff using flexible work practices. Fostering a culture of inclusion is crucial to achieving this goal.

The benefits of gender diversity and equality are well documented with research citing improved productivity, innovation and creativity in those organisations that recognise and harness their diversity as an asset. Bond recognises that building social inclusion leads to improved student outcomes and greater innovations in learning, teaching and research.

The University has made significant improvements in the representation of women in senior leadership positions and has a long standing reputation for fairness and equality in the workplace. While the University has made great progress in creating a fair, flexible and equitable workplace, our current workforce data indicates that we continue, like many institutions around the world, to under-utilise the talents of women.

The Bond University Gender Equality Strategy set out the manner in which we will address the underrepresentation of women at senior levels and increase opportunity for our academic women. The Academic Senate Gender Equality Committee will monitor the implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy. This Committee will monitor the progress of implementation of the Strategy and provide an annual report to Academic Senate.

Strategy framework

The Bond Gender Equality Strategy provides a framework to assist the University to develop and implement effective strategies around workplace culture, leadership and employment practices to improve gender equality.

What we want to achieve

Securing success by:

  • Being a role model for educating the next generation of students, academics, educators, researchers and whole community.
  • Attracting, retaining and progressing our staff.
  • Utilising the skills and talents of all staff, contributing to excellence in research, teaching, and administration.
  • Being innovative, agile and flexible.
  • Being a leading gender equality organisation.

Priority focus areas

  • An organisational culture and a working environment that is inclusive and equitable, where all staff are supported to reach their full potential.
  • Achieve equal opportunity for women in leadership and management roles through appropriate interventions.
  • Addressing gender pay equality gaps where they exist.
  • Building a flexible workplace which enables staff to balance work and life responsibilities.

Gender Equality Strategy

The Bond University Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2022.

Gender Equality Strategy