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One Goal, One Community: Moving Beyond Bullying and Empowering for Life

In light of recent local, national and international deaths due to bullying behaviour, Bond University and Varsity College have formed a partnership in the hope to end cyber, physical and emotional bullying.

As a result of this partnership, on Friday the 16th of April, 10,000 members of the Varsity Lakes community will wear anti-bullying wristbands in support of this initiative.

Every member of the 10,000 wristband-wearing populace, which includes all students and parents of Varsity College, Bond University students and staff and business members located in the Varsity region, will sign a contract in which they commit to behave in a manner that will better society by putting an end to bullying.

On Wednesday the 14th of April, Bond University students from an advanced elective subject called Negotiation will be holding a presentation, entitled ‘One Goal, One Community: Moving Beyond Bullying and Empowering for Life,’ for all of the Year 10 students from Varsity College.

Bond University Associate Professor of Management and Director of the LEAP Research Centre, Dr. Amy Kenworthy, one of the world’s leading experts in business school-based university/community partnership programs, states “bullying is a major concern for everyone in this community and other communities around the world, recognising that bullying takes place in every environment – from primary school to the workforce – we are all going to stand together as partners in a 10,000 person strong community movement to eradicate bullying.” The unique, informative, inclusive and positive change-orientated program for Varsity College Year 10 students that sits at the heart of this initiative has been created by a leading group of Bond University students.

“Our hope is that this project will serve as a model for other communities to replicate due to the high standard of the program and the involvement of members from all parts of the community,” stated Bond University student, Sarah Benson.

The program covers the following aspects: real-life bullying examples (including the recent death of Elliot Fletcher), international examples highlighting the extensiveness of this epidemic, an overview of different types of bullying behaviour, examples of bullying in the workforce and skills to overcome bullying throughout all stages of life.

As a testament to the overwhelming degree of community support for this project, local company AAC Solutions have become partners in this initiative by donating all 10,000 wristbands.


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