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New students have already aced life lessons

First-year students have arrived at Bond University for Orientation 211. Back row: Amelia Anderson, Kobe Cruse, Abelee Stanley and Adam Hobbs. Front row: Max Ise, Jessica Wood and Kaitoa Johnson.

by Jessica Borten

Bond University has welcomed the ‘Class of COVID’ to its sandstone campus and the new students are drawing positives from a year they will never forget.

The recent high school graduates endured disrupted studies throughout 2020 but are kickstarting their tertiary education with a positive attitude and an appetite to learn.

Diploma of Legal Studies student Amelia Anderson said she developed critical time-management skills during her senior year that will benefit her throughout university.

“I think last year has taught me that I have the capability to do independent work,” Ms Anderson said.

“I came (to Bond University) for a swim club presentation in 2016 and fell in love with the campus and the close-knit community.

“I’m looking forward to having a fresh start and meeting new people.”

Law and Commerce student Jessica Wood said last year highlighted the importance of balancing self-care with academic commitments.

“(Last year), it was really nice to take time off and just rest and get to know myself better,” Ms Wood said.

“I’m trying to incorporate more ‘me time’ into my routine. I know that sounds really cheesy but making time to go to the gym and doing things that I like is important.”

Film and Television student Max Ise said studying in a pandemic forced him to become more organised.

“In high school, I would always leave my work to the last minute but I found when studying in a pandemic you really have to plan ahead, especially because I had a job as well,” Mr Ise said.

“I know a lot of people say (studying last year) was quite difficult but we had a lot of support from our teachers at school. It wasn’t easy but it was manageable.

“I’m really excited about the hands-on experience (at Bond University) because I know the facilities are really good here and their film equipment is top tier.”

First year students are taking part in Orientation, with classes to begin on January 18.

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