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Bond University and University of Regensburg double degree agreement signed during visit

The Faculty of Society & Design of Bond University, Australia and the International Real Estate Business School (IRE|BS) of the University of Regensburg, Germany are proud to announce a new partnership to help students from both institutes to gain global experience in the real estate industry and to foster further research opportunities between the institutions.

Professor Sven Bienert, the head of the IRE|BS and Professor Raoul Mortley, the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Society & Design at Bond University signed a double degree agreement that offers students from the both universities to obtain the opportunity to study master of real estate programs abroad.

Professor Raoul Mortley said that the agreement presented a superb opportunity for students to become equipped for success in the real estate industry: “This is all about nurturing the knowledge base of our students and providing them with a global perspective to real estate and property. Our academic staff from across the world are thought of as industry leaders in their fields, and to share this with another great institution such as IRE|BS is something we are looking forward to.”

Concurring with Professor Mortley, Professor Sven Bienert states that supporting initiatives such as this agreement aims to better connect academics as well as students with a range of joint research and publication opportunities available: “We are on track to continuously enlarge opportunities for our best students to go abroad and not just pass some exams there. With double degree opportunities at Reading University, Hong Kong University and now Bond University we are stressing our position as one of the best real estate master programs in the world.”

Both institutions acknowledge the role of Honorary Adjunct Professor Thomas Wiegelmann (Bond University) as well as Professor Gabriel Lee (IRE|BS) for establishing the basis for the partnership. Dr. Wiegelmann states "This double degree program is an unparalleled opportunity for students of Bond University and the University of Regensburg, and strengthens the importance of cross-border education in a globalized world. It was a pleasure to bring these two leading institutions together and I am looking forward to remain a part of this exciting and unique collaboration."

IRE|BS is one the largest Real Estate institutes in Europe. It covers a broad range of courses and topics that are closely linked to real estate industry. Moreover, the University of Regensburg was the first public university in Germany to offer a complete, interdisciplinary teaching and research in the field of real estate. The real estate programs provide students a high degree of competence in problem-solving processes that are involved in the daily practice of the real estate industry.

Bond University’s Real Estate programs provide a wide range of skills that can be applied to global property markets. They are designed to equip graduates with strong knowledge and advanced technical skills applicable to a variety of career paths such as investment, finance, asset management and research. The curriculum addresses a range of topics including finance and taxation, corporate portfolio management, risk identification and management, feasibility analysis, law, property valuation and market analysis.

During their visit to Bond University, Professor Sven Bienert and colleagues also attended the 2014 AsRES Conference.  The annual conference was held at the Gold Coast and supported by Bond University. The conference provided a forum for academics, practitioners and policymakers to participate and discuss the latest research findings in the areas of real estate markets, property management, housing, urban economics and planning, real estate finance and investment, and property development.

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