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Bondies tackle [email protected] with new life admin app

July 15, 2019
Kirk Reynoldson and Kate Morgan

Bond Business School alumnus, and former NRL star, Kirk Reynoldson has gone from smashing opposition players to tackling one of the scourges of 21st century living – life admin.

Along with wife Kate Morgan - who is also a Bond alumna and Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine - the former Melbourne, Newcastle and St George-Illawarra forward has founded Eggy, a software solution designed to take the hassle out of managing bills, phone contracts, car registrations and other life admin documents.

And in a sign that Eggy is set to crack open its own space in the tech market, the fledgling company has already been accepted into Suncorp’s inaugural digital incubator programme, and will this Friday take part in HRH the Duke of York’s [email protected] Australia 3.0 On Tour Gold Coast event for entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses, to be held at Bond University.

Morgan said Eggy was designed to centralise users’ life admin documents and make them functional.

“You can either take a photo, push an email or upload a PDF of any life admin document to the platform.

“Life admin info is easily stored in one place and in a digital form rather than being in a pile on the kitchen bench, in an email inbox or up in a cloud somewhere.”

Important dates like phone, insurance and car registration payments can be synced to calendars so they won’t be missed and users won’t be hit with financial penalties.

“We’re also developing technology that will eventually automate all life admin transactions.”

Users will be able to link accounts, so that important life admin documents can be shared among families, friends and households.

Eggy is currently at the prototype stage, and Morgan said they planned to launch it as an app early next year.

“Eventually our vision is for all life admin transactions to be occurring through Eggy.”

For Reynoldson, the benefits of Eggy are particularly personal.

“I grew up in western Queensland, and we lost our farm during the drought in the ‘80s. Mother Nature aside, I often wonder how a life admin platform to manage everyday stressors could have helped my parents have a better quality of life and make better decisions.”

Long-term, the couple hope to take Eggy global, while keeping its headquarters on the Gold Coast, where they live with children Lorelei, 3, and six-month-old Mac.

“I’m seeing a massive migration of skills from Sydney up to this area, because people are choosing lifestyle over work. Given the remote aspect of tech, people can work anywhere and the cost of living around the Gold Coast is an attractive prospect. I actually think we’re ahead of the curve,” Reynoldson said.

“It all ties in with what we’re trying to achieve with the app too, people spending less time doing paperwork and life admin and more time enjoying life and having a lifestyle and that’s what the Gold Coast is all about,” Morgan said.