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January 12, 2022

I’ve tested positive to COVID. What should I do now?

Bond University Assistant Professor of General Practice Natasha Yates provides an easy to understand guide on what you should do if you test positive to Covid-... Read more

December 21, 2021

Grand celebration for Bond medical program

The 1000th doctor to graduate from Bond University always knew she was destined for a career in medicine - although her parents sometimes found the signs... Read more

December 15, 2021

Multi-generational Bond

Bond University medicine graduate Matilda Robertson may be the first third-generation “Bondy” to cross the stage of the Gold Coast university. Read more

December 14, 2021

Big day delayed but not denied

It was Daisy Vanstone’s big day but the Master of Psychology graduate happily shared her gown and mortarboard with her sister after the pandemic denied Serena... Read more

December 13, 2021

Family's border dash to graduation

A New South Wales family raced across the newly open Queensland border to see their son graduate from Bond University today. Read more

December 10, 2021

Tri and stop Bond athlete dominating

Zoe Heiniger won her age group of the Noosa Ironman on an injured foot. What she’ll be able to achieve at the world championships injury-free next year is... Read more

December 1, 2021

Schools can still expel LGBTQ+ kids. The Religious Discrimination Bill only makes it worse

The Religious Discrimination Bill is back, this time in its third iteration. The Coalition party room unanimously endorsed the bill on Tuesday, but a number of... Read more

November 29, 2021

Alissa and Sonia set for South Korean adventure

Bond University students Alissa Woods and Sonia Clements have been announced as New Colombo Plan scholars for 2022. Read more

November 29, 2021

The eyes have it: Transformer Launchpad won by student's new eye-test app

He’s got a keen focus on the benefits of medical education, and now Andrew Kroger has come up with an augmented reality app to help doctors re-learn the lost... Read more

November 22, 2021

Young local filmmaker wins BUFTA 2021

Ryan Thwaite of the Gold Coast has taken out Australia’s top competition for high school filmmakers with an intriguing abstract animation.  Read more