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Tactical Conditioning Optimisation Program

The Tactical Conditioning Optimisation Program (TACOPS) is designed to provide those in tactical occupations (such as military, law enforcement and corrective services, firefighters and first responders) as well as those who support these personnel (including strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, fitness instructors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists) with a detailed understanding of the health and fitness needs of tactical personnel. 

Designed as a series of eight online professional development courses, the program spans topics ranging from physical assessment requirements, to the physical strength and conditioning requirements of tactical personnel across their occupational lifespan (i.e. trainee, general duties, specialists). Using an approach focused on translating research evidence to practice, the course considers the latest scientific literature as well as a pragmatic approach to implementation.

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COURSE 1: Introduction to Tactical Populations (offered free of charge)

Persons serving in tactical occupations are unique. What makes them unique and the occupational stressors they face need to be understood to ensure effective mission performance and injury risk mitigation strategies. This course aims to provide knowledge of tactical occupation uniqueness to ensure that best practice testing, screening, rehabilitation, return-to-work, physical conditioning, and training are applied. 

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COURSE 2: Testing and Screening for Tactical Populations

To provide best training, treatment and rehabilitation for tactical populations, the use of testing and screening is vital. Effective testing and screening can be used to inform injury risk, health and wellbeing, and occupational capability of tactical personnel. This course provides an understanding of the applications, limitations, and strengths of testing and screening frameworks in tactical populations.

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COURSE 3: Load Carriage Across the Tactical Spectrum

One commonality across all tactical populations is the requirement to wear and carry external loads. These loads, while vital for safety and capability, are known to lead to injuries and even impede mission performance. This course provides an understanding of the differences in load carriage requirements within various occupational contexts and the negative impacts of these loads, to better inform physical conditioning and risk mitigation strategies.

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COURSE 4: Conditioning for Tactical Trainees

Trainees across all tactical spectrums are at a higher risk of injuries than qualified personnel and are subjected to compressed training times and accelerated learning and conditioning programs. This course provides an understanding of the individual and agency contexts that are required to ensure a holistic, evidence-based approach to physical conditioning is applied to increase fitness while minimising injury risk.

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COURSE 5: Conditioning for Operational and Specialist Personnel

A lack of dedicated training outcomes, shift work, poor sleep and dietary habits, and the general chronic nature of the tactical occupation make developing and maintaining physical fitness across the occupational lifespan a complex challenge. This course focuses on maintaining and developing the fitness of qualified personnel, rehabilitation requirements and preparation for specialist selection. 

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COURSE 6: Injuries Across the Tactical Spectrum

Injuries can have a devastating impact on the individual and organisation. However, many injuries are preventable once their causes and mechanisms are known. This course will provide an understanding of tactical workplace injuries, their impacts to the individual and organisation, and how to best mitigate and treat injury occurrence.

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COURSE 7: Special Topics for Tactical Personnel

Tactical forces are drawn from the community and consist of different sexes, ages, and employment status that must be accommodated for during physical conditioning. These personnel are also often required to work in hostile and austere environments. This course focusses on the diverse populations and unique environments that tactical personnel must be aware of if conditioning program's are to be effective.

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COURSE 8: Advanced Conditioning for Tactical Populations

This course centres on the need for the physical training of tactical populations to extend beyond the traditional fitness industry and athlete performance constructs to meet occupation requirements. This is vital as failure on tactical operations has consequences beyond failure to meet goals or win competition points but could result in injury and mortality.

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Course Instructor

Dr Rob Orr 

Dr Rob Orr joined the Australian Army in 1989 as an infantry soldier before transferring to the Australian Defence Force Physical Training Instructor (PTI) stream. As a PTI, Rob designed, developed, instructed and audited physical training programs and physical education and rehabilitation courses for military personnel and fellow PTIs from both Australian and foreign defence forces.

Rob subsequently transferred to the physiotherapy stream where his role included the clinical rehabilitation of defence members and project management of physical conditioning optimisation reviews. Serving as a Human Performance Officer for Special Operations before joining the team at Bond University in 2012, Rob continues to serve in the Army Reserve. Now director of the Tactical Research Unit (TRU), Rob has published over 200 research studies and Technical Reports in the field of human performance for tactical personnel.

Course Delivery

All courses are available online at any time via our high-quality learner platform. The self-paced delivery gives you the flexibility to work around your other commitments. Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a digital Certificate of Achievement in recognition of your new competencies. 

Upon successful completion of the full program, you will gain a program digital Certificate of Completion. This certificate will provide recognition of prior learning for those wishing to complete the CERT IV in Sports Coaching (Physical Conditioning In the Specialist Workplace), delivered by the Optimal Performance Solutions.


As a Manager or Team Leader, we appreciate that you value continuous professional development of all your staff. We recognise the importance of convenient, relevant and timely learning opportunities.

The Tactical Conditioning Optimisation Program (TACOPS) will benefit you and your staff in the following ways:

  • Enhanced capability to understand the occupational context of tactical personnel, whether they be law enforcement and corrective services, firefighters and first responders, or military, across their occupational lifespan from initial trainee to veteran.
  • Offer pragmatic, evidence-based approaches to optimise the screening and assessment, health and fitness, and physical conditioning and reconditioning of tactical personnel.
  • Provide basic through to advanced conditioning and reconditioning knowledge and skills.

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