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Abedian School of Architecture Lecture Series 2023 | Peter Stutchbury

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The Abedian School of Architecture Lecture Series launched in 2013, and has since hosted an impressive guest list of both Australian and internationally notable architecture experts, bringing some of the world's most creative and talented architects to Bond University to share their insights with our community.

The lectures are free and open to all members of the public.

ASA Lecture Series 2023 #5 | Peter Stutchbury, Director and Principal of Peter Stutchbury Architecture

Date: Tuesday 19 September, 2023

Time: 5.15pm Arrival & Spring Show Exhibition | 6.30pm Lecture

Where: Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University + via Zoom


Peter Stutchbury | Introduction

Peter Stutchbury Architecture has practiced in Australia since 1981. Their work originates from principles of holistic energy management, logical beauty and connection to place. A lifetime of formative education in the desert of Western NSW has nurtured an understanding of land and sky patterns. ‘If a building sits astray of place, it relies only on the architecture. Connectivity breeds responsibility.’

Since 2000, the work has been the subject of three books, several documentaries, and multiple lectures in over 30 countries. PSA practices as a counterpoise to computer-driven design. The work is internationally positioned and represented in PNG, Vanuatu, Japan, Brazil, Russia, along with Australia.

Peter Stutchbury Foundation was established in 2016, providing disadvantaged Favela Communities in Brazil with access to voluntary design and construction work, including a kindergarten, community facilities and storytelling facilities. Extending the office philosophy that architecture can be a platform for repair. Most recently, PSA has expanded the foundation’s reach to include communities in the Pilbara, Western Australia. The firm embraces a variety of projects with unprecedented recognition in residential architecture. Other categories include public, commercial, heritage, and sustainable. Since 1995, the Australian Institute of Architects has awarded PSA’s buildings on 75 occasions, including 21 named awards. Peter is currently a ‘teaching master’ with the Architecture Foundation Australia and was a professor at the University of Newcastle from 1999 – 2019, where he received the alumni medal in 2005. He received the AIA Gold Medal in 2015 and RIBA international fellowship in 2016.

PSA is a partner in ‘Dimensions X’ who are developing planet-friendly, flexible, prefab buildings designed to address the climate crisis. This product was launched in 2023. PSA considers buildings as moments of education, connections between nature and the ambitions of the mind. A precise work of architecture accommodates a poetic truth. An inspirational work is a universal language.

Drinks to celebrate the Abedian School of Architecture Spring Exhibition start at 5:15PM; all are welcome. 

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