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Advanced standing/credit

Applying for advanced standing/credit

You may be able to apply for credit towards your current Bond program for:

  • past studies
  • subjects studied at another university while you were enrolled at Bond.

That means you might not have to complete all of the subjects listed in your program structure and you may be able to graduate sooner.

We call this 'advanced standing' or “academic credit”.

You can apply for credit for any:

  • studies completed at Bond where you received at least a grade of 50% P pass
  • studies completed at other institutions (e.g. university or TAFE) where you received at least a grade of pass

If you are changing your program or completing more than one program at Bond, you may have already completed a unit you need for your new program.

If the subjects have exactly the same subject code and title in each program  you will get credit automatically, including the grade you received. We call this 'internal  credit'.

Sometimes internal credit is also available for older subjects you’ve completed that have changed title or code.

You can check unit codes and titles in the program structure in your program information.

You can check if you've received any internal credit under the heading 'Advanced standing subjects' in your academic history in eStudent.

The unit isn't on my study plan

To receive internal credit, the subjects you’ve completed must be on the study plan for your new program. Make sure you’ve selected any relevant majors, second majors, minors or electives in your study plan.

If you haven’t received credit after doing this contact an Enrolment Advisor at the Student Business Centre.

You do not need to supply any documents for studies completed at Bond University.

If you are applying for credit for studies completed at another institution you must provide copies of:

  • your official academic transcript
  • documents proving that you've completed your program, such as your diploma or certificate (if applicable).

You may also need to provide detailed information about your previous studies, unless someone else has applied for the same credit and it was approved.

You must provide a detailed program structure and outlines of all the relevant subjects you've completed. Outlines should include:

  • credit points
  • contact hours
  • aims and objectives
  • texts and references
  • assessment details.

As soon as you receive your offer and at least 10 working days prior to the commencement of the semester. You can't apply for credit for the current semester or teaching period after the:

  • census date
  • final dates for addition and substitution of subjects.