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Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep may be the single biggest improvement that you can make for your health. We are often very aware of our exercise and food intake behaviours, but most of us forget about an equally important aspect of our lives.

Why is sleep important?

Just like our bodies need sufficient food and physical exercise, we need sleep to support our physical and mental health. Adequate sleep is central to having enough energy to handle our busy lives and bring the best of ourselves to our work, our families and our relationships.

When we miss out on a good sleep, we not only lack the energy to tackle the day ahead, but we also tend to make poorer food choices and lose motivation to work out (or do anything for that matter!). We need sleep to keep our immune system healthy and in good working order, and it’s required for our body to heal and repair our heart and blood vessels. When we’re deprived of sleep, our brain can’t function properly, affecting our cognitive abilities and emotional state.

Source: Bupa