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BELA (Bond English Language Assessment)

Bond University seeks to support each student to achieve their potential through early identification of academic issues which have the potential to adversely affect their educational achievement.

BELA (Bond English Language Assessment) aims to provide feedback on your academic writing skills. This is not a formal language assessment and will not affect your GPA. The test is voluntary and is free.

Aims of BELA:

  1. To identify students who need additional support with their written communication skills as early as possible in the semester
  2. To assist students in developing their written communication skills
  3. To predict which students are likely to require additional support with written communication skills

To access BELA, go to the Academic Skills Centre iLearn site, and click on 'Test Your Academic Writing (BELA)'.

You will be asked to write a short essay on a set topic and submit it to the Academic Skills Centre. The assessment takes one hour. After you have submitted the essay, please make an appointment with Academic Skills Centre and we will give you one on one detailed feedback about your writing in terms of style, organisation, grammar and structure.