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Academic Skills Centre workshops

Workshops 203

Academic Skills Centre offers a range of free workshops. These will all be online via the Academic Skills iLearn community in semester 203 and will be recorded.

Most workshops will be held in the Academic Skills Centre iLearn site in the community room.

* Please note: 10 Tips for Academic Writing and 7 tips for Studying Remotely will be held on the 203 Orientation iLearn community

For recordings and workshop materials, please go to the Academic Skills Centre iLearn page.

10 Tips for Academic Writing*Live iLearn workshopOWed9 Sep3 - 4pm
7 tips for Studying Remotely*Live iLearn workshopOThur10 Sep

4 - 5pm

Study StrategiesLive iLearn workshop1Mon14 Sep2 - 3 pm
Report Writing for Built Environment students Live iLearn workshop1Tue15 Sep4 - 5pm
Referencing & Paraphrasing for Built Environment studentsLive iLearn workshop1Thur17 Sep4 - 5pm
Referencing (APA & Harvard styles)Live iLearn workshop2Wed23 Sep12 - 1pm
Quoting and paraphrasingLive iLearn workshop3Wed30 Sep12 - 1pm
Pronunciation & Understanding Native English SpeakersLive iLearn workshop4Wed7 Oct12 - 1.30pm

If you can't attend, please make an appointment with Academic Skills Centre and we will go through the session with you one on one.

For further information about these workshops, contact Academic Skills Centre.

Workshop summaries

Academic Writing Seminar

This is a general introduction to what is expected from academic writing at university. It focuses on organising an essay, approaching the question and style.

Study Strategies

Effective study tips to maximise your study potential. This workshop looks at time management, studying effectively & ways to learn actively.

Read Smarter

This workshop looks at ways of reading more effectively and efficiently through raising awareness of reading techniques such as skimming, scanning, guessing words in context and SQ3R.

Referencing - In text and Reference Lists

This workshop looks at both APA and Harvard referencing styles, and how to reference in text as well as write reference lists.

Quoting and Paraphrasing

This workshop looks at ways of avoiding plagiarism by quoting and paraphrasing correctly.

APA formatting for Psychology

In this workshop all things APA will be clarified, including how to format your lab reports and literature reviews.

Pronunciation and Understanding Native English Speakers

This workshop looks at helping non-native speakers of English with pronunciation. The session focuses on developing word and sentence stress in English, linking, weak forms and raising awareness of how these contribute to rhythm and ultimately to the overall understanding of spoken English. 

Report writing for Built Environment students

This workshop looks at how to write effective reports for Built Environment subjects such as Construction or Property

Preparing for Intensives

This workshop looks at how to prepare for lectures and tutorials in intensive mode at Bond

Maths for Finance Subjects

This workshop looks at some of the important maths concepts necessary for Fundamentals of Finance and Managerial Finance

Referencing, paraphrasing, and plagiarism for Built Environment students

This workshop looks at referencing APA and Harvard styles, paraphrasing, and avoiding plagiarism in Built Environment subjects such as Construction and Property

Academic Writing for Study Abroad and Exchange students

This workshop looks at some of the differences in academic style with English and other countries, and highlights the common mistakes made by international students