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What it's like to study exercise and sports science at Bond

Written by Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science alumnus, Jackson Silvester-Lee.

When I travelled across the world to study at Bond, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But my Bond University experience has been amazing.

I initially came to Bond to play rugby, and I chose a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science because I enjoy sports. I’m very grateful that I picked my program, because even though I didn’t know it at the time, my passion is being a strength and conditioning coach.

During my two years at Bond, I said yes to every opportunity I could. I secured an internship position with the Australian Junior Wallabies Rugby team for the U20s Oceania tournament – in preparation for the World Cup. It was full on and helpful to see first-hand what it means to prepare athletes physically, mentally, technically and strategically at the international level.

I was the strength and conditioning coach of the men’s Bond University tennis team and have now started working with the women’s team.

Jackson Silvester-Lee, a man with dark brown hair in a black t-shirt, stands against a sandstone wall with the Thinking Steps behind him
Jackson Silvester-Lee

I was also part of Bond’s Transformer entrepreneurship program, where I started a global social media campaign with two other students who are just as passionate about the environment as I am. Our campaign, #icansavethereef, took us to Canada for the prestigious World’s Challenge Challenge. Presenting our idea on the world stage was an incredible experience. I made so many valuable connections through Transformer and I’m really proud of the campaign we created.

My Exercise and Sports Science degree exceeded my expectations. The degree itself is one of the most highly regarded in the country and has a great focus on practical experience, preparing students for future employment. The Bond Institute of Health and Sport has everything an athlete can dream of, from the High Performance Training Centre through to the labs and equipment available for us to use. I got the opportunity to use equipment to measure and monitor athletes in their training, allowing them to optimise their physical and physiological abilities.

My teachers were always available for one-on-one support outside of classes and in the Professional Practice and Practicum class, I gained even more experience in my chosen field, as well as a strong network for my future career.

My exercise and sports science knowledge, combined with my entrepreneurial skills developed through Transformer, helped me to start my own business, Rivals Athlete Performance Centre in Miami.

I run strength and conditioning sessions, create training programs and structure, complete biomechanical analysis on athletes, develop rehab and injury prevention programs as well as provide guidance, support and advice for athletes. As the Managing Director and Owner, I also take care of all the business marketing.

The degree helped me to set myself apart from other coaches and personal trainers and provided me with all the foundation skills, knowledge and experience to stand out in a competitive industry. I’m a science-based coach with the proper certifications and accreditations.

Where I am today is due to Bond, and I will continue to strive to be the best strength and conditioning coach on the God Coast, because Bond has showed me that limits are an illusion. They need to be pushed back for others to be able to see what you see.

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