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Want to make new friends and develop a hobby? Here’s a full list of clubs you can join at Bond

It’s the lifelong friendships, and memories made outside of the classroom that I’m going to hold closest when I graduate Bond this semester. Alongside my bachelor’s degree, I’ll be walking away from the arch with some of my closest friends, teamwork and time management skills, a whole new level of confidence, and a little more coordination. From my faculty club, to cheerleading, and volunteering — my time spent in clubs has been the most formative of my university years. And it all started at Club Sign-On Day. 

The 241 event is fast approaching so I encourage any students who want to find their people to get over to the Sports Hall on Wednesday, 24 January from 12pm-2pm. You can learn about Bond’s eclectic range of student clubs and associations, meet club members, and sign on to your new crew (oh, and get some free food!). 

If you’re eager to get a glimpse of club life before Wednesday, I’ve compiled a list of all the clubs you could join.  


Academic Clubs

A group of students sitting in the Bond University Library with their laptops on the desk

If you are passionate about a particular field of study, you may be interested in joining an academic club. Participating in an academic club can help you network with other prospective professionals in your industry and provide you with insightful knowledge about course content. Some popular academic clubs include the Canadian Law Students’ Association (CLSA), the Abedian School of Architecture Student Association (ASA), and the General Practitioners Student Network (GPSN).

Full list of Academic Clubs:

180 Degrees Consulting (180DC)

Abedian School of Architecture Student Association (ASA) 

Asian Law Students’ Society (ALSS)

Bond University Actuarial Students’ Society (BASS)

Bond Investment Group (BIG)

Bond Built Environments Student Association (BBESA)

Bond University Obstetrics & Gynaecology Society (BUOGS)

Bond University Paediatrics Clubs (BUPC)

Bond University Physicians’ Society (PHYSSOC) 

Bond University Psychiatry Association (BUPA)

Bond University Society of Health or Indigenous and Rural Experience (BUSHFIRE) 


Bond University Surgical Society (BUSS)

Bond University United Nations Student Association (BUUNSA)

Canadian Law Students’ Association (CLSA) 

General Practitioners Student Network (GPSN) 

Medicine Students’ Society of Bond University (MSSBU)


Cultural Clubs

Four female students walking past the Abedian School of Architecture building on a sunny day

It’s a common experience for international students to feel homesick in a new and unfamiliar place. If you are looking for a taste of home on the Gold Coast, perhaps you should consider joining one of Bond’s cultural clubs. Students across a large range of geographical areas such as India and South America, come together to support and befriend each other, celebrating cultural events and other festivities.

Full list of Cultural Clubs:

Bond University Hong Kong & Taiwan Student Association (BUHKTSA)

Bond University Indian Association (BUIA)

Bond University Vietnamese Student Association (BUVSA)

Bond Latin American Student Association (BLASA)


Religious Clubs

A group of people sitting down in a Bond University building.

Where you are currently religious, or curious about religion, Bond is home to two Christian clubs and a Muslim club. With a mutual dedication to educate and empower their students, these clubs routinely host religious study sessions, fundraisers, and social events.

Full list of Religious Clubs:

Bond Christian Students (BCS)

Bond University Muslim Student Association (BUMSA)

Fellowship of Christian University Students (FOCUS)


Community Clubs

LGBTIQ Pride Flag

If creating meaningful change is more up your alley, Bond has you covered. The Bond ‘Making A Difference’ Global Health Group (MAD) aims to lessen the effects of global crises including climate change, period poverty, homelessness, and more. The Bond Pride Alliance (BPA) is an inclusive group for members and allies of the LGBTQI+ community that is enthusiastic about creating a world in which diversity is celebrated.

Full list of Community Clubs:

Bond ‘Making A Difference’ Global Health Group (MAD)

Bond Pride Alliance (BPA)


Faculty Student Associations

A group of people inside the Health Sciences & Medicine anatomy laboratory.

Each of Bond’s four faculties also has its own student associations. Becoming a member of your faculty student association (FSA) is one of the best ways to meet like-minded people, hear about upcoming faculty events, and receive study support pertaining to your study area.

Full list of Faculty Student Associations:

Health Sciences & Medicine Student Association (HMSA)

Law Students’ Association (LSA)

Society & Design Student Association (SDSA)

Business Student Association (BSA)


Sports Clubs

A member of the Men's Rugby Club holds a trophy above his head in celebration as his team celebrates behind him

University is the perfect time to try that new sport you’ve always wanted to play. From volleyball to Esports, you can choose from a wide array of recreational sports teams in a low-pressure environment. Weekly training sessions marry fun and fitness, giving you the opportunity to create an ideal study/life balance and develop new skills (not to mention a bucket load of new friends).

If you are already highly skilled at a sport, Bond also has numerous competitive and elite sports teams. One highlight of joining a competitive sports team is UniSport Nationals, a week-long event where university sports teams from around the country come together and compete against one another.


Full list of Sports Clubs:










Judo and Jiu Jitsu





Snow Sports

Spike Ball





Water Polo



Bond University Student Association 2024

The Bond University Student Association (BUSA) operates a little differently than the rest of the student-run clubs on-campus. Instead of students signing up to be part of BUSA, the intimate group of 20 dedicated student volunteers are elected every September to October. One reason for this is because BUSA is responsible for serving the wider student community. Not only do they manage the operation of all student-run clubs, but they too host events such as Bondstock, Parties at Don’s, Wednesday by the Water, and Club Sign-On Day.


Are you ready for Wednesday?

If any of these clubs pique your interest, I highly recommend you make your way down to Club Sign-On Day on Wednesday, 24 January, between 12 – 2pm at the Sports Hall. At this fun-filled event, you will be wowed to the vibrant array of communities you can join and how quickly you can fill up your social calendar. I hope to see you there!


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