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Uncovering a transformational university experience

Being a Bondy means that you are a part of a tightknit community with a strong support network, and can rely on the people around you to help you chase your ambitions. Our aim is to create an environment where you feel inspired and confident to ignite the very best version of yourself; a place where you will never be thought of as just another number, but rather, will have abundant opportunities to stand out. Simply put, we exist for you – to give you the right tools, support, and empowerment to take your life and career in whichever direction you choose.

Second-year Bondy Saxon McGregor moved from Toowoomba to the Gold Coast to reap all the benefits of living and studying at Bond. Saxon is proud to be a Bondy, evidenced by his commitment to the Bond community. In this blog, we chatted to Saxon about Bond’s focus on student success and how this will allow him to thrive in his future career.

Who are you and what are you currently studying?

I’m Saxon McGregor, originally from central New South Wales, but I moved to Toowoomba as a teenager to complete high school and most recently, relocated to the Gold Coast to study at Bond University. I’m in my second year of the Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Laws and am heavily involved in the Bond community. I’m currently the Vice President of the Bond University Student Association, a Resident Fellow, and a student mentor, which are just a few of the many initiatives I'm involved in!

What has Bond’s personalised approach to learning been like for you?  

Bond’s personalised approach to learning has meant that most of the time, I feel like the only student in the world. I love that learning at Bond is a partnership between academics, students, and the incredible support services, particularly the student success and wellbeing services. All of these components work together to provide an environment where students feel inspired, motivated, and supported.

What’s your favourite part about Bond’s student experience?  

I love the people who make up the Bond community. It’s almost as though everyone at Bond has been hand-picked to be here. The culture is fantastic, and this makes it such an awesome place to learn, live, grow, and enjoy student life.

What’s one thing that wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t gone to Bond?  

I wouldn’t have been able to relish Australia’s top-rated undergraduate student experience, all while completing my double degree in just over three years and enjoying the personalised learning and opportunities that come with this.

A group of people sitting down inside the Bond University Library.

How do you think Bond will help you secure your dream job?  

There are so many ways that Bond has mentored me and prepared me for my dream job. Firstly, the Alumni Mentor Program has allowed me to connect with a Bond alum who studied the same degree as me, which has provided me with ongoing professional industry advice throughout my studies. 

The Career Development Centre (CDC) has helped me secure industry placements and internships, making me feel confident that I’ll be able to stand out amongst other graduates. 

I couldn’t forget the academics who are teaching me real-world, transferrable knowledge and skills that will be invaluable as I transition into a full-time job post-graduation. 

Finally, the opportunities to network and learn from renowned industry professionals and world leaders, like the Hon Michael Kirby AC CMC (former Justice of the High Court of Australia) and His Excellency President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (President of Ukraine) have allowed me to better understand where I want to focus my interest and passions, which ultimately has fuelled my career ambitions.

If you could describe Bond using one word, what would it be?  

Bond in one word to me is ‘transformational’. 

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