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Tips for applying for Bond's Indigenous Scholarships

Bond University scholar Sarah White sat down with some of our great mentors and assessors at the Nyombil Centre to chat about what it takes to be the recipient of an Indigenous Scholarship here at Bond. Here’s what they had to say….

Dream big.

If there was one thing I got out of this chat it was that having a dream, no matter how big or small it seems, is what the assessors are looking for. The initial application process involves a resume and a personal statement. The personal statement specifically is your opportunity to shine, let the assessors know what makes you and your dream different. Take your time, and think about your answers – don’t rush it!

Don’t worry if academia isn’t your biggest strength, the team are looking for students that are academically capable and well suited to their program of interest, but they also want to see and hear about everything else you are a part of. Be sure to chat with friends and family in your community about what they think makes you tick, your strengths and your weaknesses. All of this will help you understand what it is you actually want to say in your application, and remember – no dream is too big!

Think about your unique contribution.  

Be sure to engage with all aspects of your application. Demonstrate to the team here how you would engage with the Bond community, extra-curricular activities and ultimately how studying here would help you give back to your community – wherever that may be. Be sure to illustrate how you engage with your current community as well and what this means to you.

Imagine where your dream could take you!

From London to Canberra and everywhere in between, our Indigenous scholars are continuing to dream big and achieve incredible goals. From law graduates  who have secured graduate positions with top tier law firms, to graduates having an impact on a global scale with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra, the support and atmosphere of the Nyombil Centre aim to help make your dreams come true. The application is just the first step, who knows where you could go after that.

Top Tips:
1. Consider what you are applying for.

The team’s top tip is to make sure you to consider why you want to come to Bond and how this fits into the rest of your narrative. Studying at Bond might involve moving away from home and transitioning to a new place, it may also involve full time study. But don’t worry the Nyombil Centre here on campus is like a family and they’re here to help you settle in and get you on your way

2. See it for yourself.

If possible, come have a look on campus, get a feel for the place and see how Bond might fit into the rest of your story. Open Day is on Saturday, 27 July which is the perfect time to see the campus in full swing but if this just isn’t possible, feel free to get in touch with the Nyombil Centre for a chat about all things Bond.

3. Don’t forget the dream. 

If it wasn’t clear yet, the team of assessors really want to hear about your dreams and aspirations. What makes you unique? How would studying at Bond help these dreams come true? Make sure these things shine through in your application, get your family or friends to take a look and ask them for feedback, the more effort you put into your application the better it will be.

Scholarship applications are now open. Find out more and apply now.

Written by Bond University student Sarah White. 

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