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How to tailor your MBA to you

A Master of Business Administration (CRICOS 108627A) degree is a prestigious qualification that equips professionals with the skills and knowledge to take their career to the next level.

While MBA programs are offered at universities around the world, not all MBAs are created equal.

“An MBA should be tailored to your career ambitions,” says Dr Gary Bowman, the Director of Bond’s MBA program.

‘It isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, your degree should be personal and designed to match the goals you’re hoping to achieve.”

Bond’s internationally accredited MBA program has been redesigned to provide students with greater knowledge, focused expertise and flexibility to tailor the program to their career.

Students can participate in study tours and still complete their degree in one year

The new MBA

Developed using the pillars of innovation, data analytics and business transformation, and with a focus on evidence-based decision making, Bond’s program develops global leaders who think critically, creatively and strategically.

Harvard case methods are incorporated into every core subject. This is a unique method of teaching where students analyse real-world business challenges, gaining a more practical and authentic educational experience.  

How it works 

The program is structured into three parts, all making up 40 credit points – the equivalent of one semester of full-time study.

The structure allows the flexibility for professionals to complete an MBA full-time, but on a part-time schedule.

Semester one: Bootcamps

The first part of Bond’s MBA program features a series of bootcamps delivered in intensive mode, providing students with an immersive experience in an efficient timeframe.

The eight functional bootcamps equip students with the core knowledge basis they’ll need to complete their MBA, including interpersonal dynamics, leadership, motivation and organisation, effective decision making, managerial economics, marketing, accounting and financial decision making. The new program has minimised the time students are required on campus, allowing the flexibility students need to balance their professional and personal lives. For students studying full time, the bootcamps require just 11 business days on campus in the first semester.

The first semester features a leadership orientation at a resort retreat, which allows students to network with their cohort and explore their personal capabilities.

Semester two: Business engineering

The second part of the MBA utilises Bond’s distinct research strengths, equipping graduates with the skills and experience to set them apart. This semester focuses on creative thought, data analytics and strategic management. The final aspect of the business engineering focus involves a business transformation capstone project, which is completed in the final semester.

Semester three: Your MBA

As an MBA student, you will bring a unique set of skills, experience and aspirations to your degree. And this semester is all about you. You will have the flexibility to customise your electives to your interests and career aspirations.

Every student will receive an academic mentor to help them to tailor the program to their career objectives.

Students learn in small class sizes, creating strong global networks

Beyond the MBA

Bond MBA graduates hold senior management positions in leading multinational corporations all over the world. 

The MBA is renowned for its global focus. In 2019, 20 nationalities were represented in the MBA cohort, with students from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Peru, USA and Italy – to name a few. It’s a unique cultural experience and provides students with a powerful international network from day one.

“An MBA is about learning a language and building a network,” explains Dr Bowman.

“One of the things that’s unique about Bond is the opportunity it presents to build a network, which simply isn’t possible at bigger universities."

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