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How to help your teen road map their future

Regardless of where your child is at in their education journey, you’ll play a vital role in helping them roadmap their future throughout and beyond high school. 

With decisions left, right and centre, they’ll need strategies to help them step back, look objectively at their future and map out the big picture. Your support will be crucial throughout this process, whether that’s just as a listening ear or a more integral player in the planning process.  

Firstly ask – what is their end goal after high school? Is it to go to university or TAFE? Do they want to travel, volunteer or work by taking a gap semester or gap year?  

Then, think about timelines. How soon will they need to have made plans? When should they factor in time to research, explore their options and apply for tertiary study?  

My Future Roadmap

My Future Roadmap will be the resource that helps you and your teen plan out the next few months or years of high school. Flag key dates, non-negotiable activities and important considerations that will be integral to preparing for their future. Download My Future Roadmap now to start the planning process. 

Pro tip: Work backwards from their destination, e.g. tertiary start date. This will allow you to see all of the key dates and deadlines they’ll have to meet and plan accordingly.  

Look at the time left on your teen’s calendar before they intend to start TAFE or university. Create a plan, using My Future Roadmap, with actions that you’ll take at different stages or intervals throughout this process, setting soft deadlines for your child to complete the various activities. 

With a plan set and ready to go, it’s time to take action! Make sure your child has all the resources they may need to complete each activity on their timeline, and if you need to, schedule in casual catch-ups to see where they’re at and if they need help or guidance. As they fly through each step of the process and get closer and closer to finishing high school, check in as much as you can and give them the support they need to stay engaged, positive and focused. 

My Future Roadmap

Get ready to assist your teen with those big life decisions by downloading the My Future Roadmap resource.

Download now

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