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When a child moves away from home to start their studies and life as an adult, there’s always an impact on their family. One less face at the dinner table (sad) and fewer clothes in the laundry basket (not so sad) – their absence will be felt in many ways.  

For the child headed off to university, it’s also a major change! Suddenly they’re running their own lives – making their own dinner, doing their own laundry, and meeting lots of new people, which can all add up to overwhelm and homesickness. It’s only natural to want to help your child feel better when they’re going through a tough time, but how do you do that when they’re no longer living in your house?   

Let them know you’re thinking of them with a good old-fashioned care package! They’ll be the envy of their friends (everyone loves the keeper of the treats) and nothing will beat that smile when they receive it, knowing that their family is thinking of them. If you’re stuck on ideas for what to include, we’ve got you covered.  

Stop stressing  

Encourage less stress and a healthy attitude to life and study by adding these must-haves into your care package for your child.  

  • Omega 3  
  • Vitamins – Iron, Vitamin B, multivitamins  
  • Herbal tea  
  • A frisbee 
  • Uno cards and other easy, portable games  
  • Positive affirmation cards  
  • Chocolate bar (think KitKat, Boost, Smarties)  


One thing we’re sure they’re missing is a home-cooked meal. Give them the tools they’ll need to recreate a family staple or all-time fave from the comfort of their new home.  

  • A blend of your own cooking favourites (herbs and spices, sauces, condiments)  
  • Handwritten recipes or recipe cards with foolproof dishes they can make 
  • A batch of home-baked cookies  
  • The snacks that remind them of home  

 Safety first  

As a parent, you might be a little worried about whether they’re taking care of themselves now that they’re not under your roof. Make it simple for them to promptly address any cuts, bruises or bouts of the sniffles by recreating a mini medicine box in their next care package.  

  • Hand sanitiser  
  • Panadol  
  • Antihistamines  
  • Band-Aids  
  • Throat lozenges  
  • Tissues  
  • A thermometer  
  • Antiseptic 
  • Burn cream  
  • Eye drops  

Of course, if there’s anything else that just screams your child, feel free to wrap it up and add to the care package. This is your way to ensure they know they’re loved and looked after, even from afar, so any special touches that will remind them of home or their family won’t go astray. And, if all else fails, pick up the phone – the sound of your voice and a few kind words are sure to snap them out of any funk.