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Hear from three Bondies on why you need to attend Personal Open Day

Think Open Day... but personalised! 

Personal Open Day is the chance for you to experience Bond’s campus and student life up close and, well, personal. A Personal Open Day comprises activities designed to help you discover everything you want to know about Bond. You can expect to explore our beautiful campus, meet with some Bondies to gain insight into our University's student culture, and ask our program experts about the finer details of your chosen degree.  

We recently caught up with three students to gain a behind-the-scenes look into their unique Personal Open Day experiences, and learn how attending the day impacted their decision to study at Bond University. 

Devanshi Patel, Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Laws student  

I attended Bond’s Personal Open Day in 2021 as Bond was at the top of my university wish list and I thought that visiting the University would be the best way to decide where I’d like to commence my undergraduate studies. The day provided a glimpse of my future if I were to study at Bond, and gave me more insight into my chosen courses.  

Being able to ask my guide anything was one of the most valuable aspects of my Personal Open Day. I was able to find out more about Bond’s accelerated degrees and the workload of a law student, as well as lots of other helpful information. Hearing more about Bond’s award-winning student experience helped me to determine that Bond was the right university for me. Personal Open Day showed me that Bond is a university that values each and every student and prioritises student experience. The small campus and class sizes made me realise that I wouldn’t get lost in the crowd but instead, would receive personalised attention at every step of the way. Having the opportunity to speak up and ask questions during tutorials and lectures makes me feel really valued as a student.  

A highlight of my studies so far has been making some incredible lifelong friendships, which I think can be attributed to Bond’s welcoming community. Even older students are willing to help with any questions I have, and are always happy to have a chat around campus, which has been comforting stepping into a new and unfamiliar environment. If you’re thinking about attending a Personal Open Day of your own, my advice is don’t be afraid to ask questions, specifically about the degree you’re interested in studying. Talk with the faculty members you’ll meet on the day to familiarise yourself with the course content and see if the professional outcomes are aligned with your career goals. I also suggest taking your time to explore the campus and gain insight into Bond’s student experience – after all, Personal Open Day is all about seeing if Bond is the right fit for you. My experience at Bond so far has been nothing short of excellent. The academics and lecturers consistently make me feel seen and included, and the friends I have made along the way are incredible. I’m excited to see what the next few years have in store for me at Bond, and I hope you are, too! 

Devanshi Patel (middle-right) with students at the Bond University Law Ball

Camille Neighbour, Bachelor of Actuarial Science/Bachelor of Laws student 

I decided to attend Personal Open Day in 2021 to help me decide between universities. It was also a great opportunity to have specific questions about studying at Bond answered. All of the staff at Bond were incredibly warm and welcoming on the day and guided me through the process of attending activities, asking questions, and learning more about Bond. 

Personal Open Day impacted my decision to study at Bond in more ways than one. The most valuable part of the experience for me was learning about Bond’s Elite Sport Program and all of the support available to athletes. I spend a significant amount of time during the week training in Brisbane as a level 10 rhythmic gymnast, so extra assistance is necessary for me to balance my studies with sport. It was also incredibly valuable to speak to a staff member from the Career Development Centre to learn about the individualised services and career guidance they provide. Being exposed to Bond’s focus on student experience and personalised learning was something I mightn’t have been aware of without attending Personal Open Day.  

I also loved going on a campus tour and seeing the beautiful campus in all its glory – this really helped me to envision myself as a future Bondy! Living on the southern end of the Gold Coast and having such a wonderful campus so close to home was a compelling reason to study at Bond. More importantly, being able to combine an actuarial science degree (which isn’t offered at many other universities in Queensland) with a law degree meant that I was able to explore a multitude of interests.  

Now that I have officially commenced study at Bond, a major highlight has been meeting people and forming new friendships while studying at such a nice campus. The coursework has been engaging, and I have enjoyed being challenged by my tutors and assessments.  

For anyone considering attending Bond’s Personal Open Day this year, first and foremost, I suggest you talk to a professor from your chosen program and ask any course-specific questions you have. I also advise you to visit the Career Development Centre – I found that chatting to the career specialists a very helpful way to learn more about my degree structure and study plan. Don’t forget to get to know your Regional Manager, as they can answer any additional questions you have about Bond, and will support you as you navigate your university decisions. Most importantly, I recommend that you come prepared with questions, and of course, enjoy the experience! 

Harrison Hanley, Bachelor of Film and Television student 

I decided to attend Bond’s Personal Open Day in 2021 to receive greater insight into Bond’s Bachelor of Film and Television and the on-campus facilities and resources available to Bond students. I remember being greeted by my Regional Manager, Sean Johnson, who had a massive smile on his face. This was followed by a friendly and approachable conversation about my goals and interests in tertiary education – a great start to the day ahead.  

Bond’s Personal Open Day allowed me to ask all of the questions I had formed since first learning about the degree, and really served as the final piece of the puzzle in swaying my decision to study at Bond.  

My absolute favourite place to be is sitting comfortably in a cinema chair, excited for a fantastic film to start – I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a movie fanatic. Since starting at Bond, I’ve met so many like-minded peers with similar interests who I’ve collaborated with on short films and other creative projects. I’m so grateful to now be in my third semester at Bond as a film and television student, and believe it’s an opportunity that mightn’t have been possible without Bond’s Personal Open Day.  

For any students considering attending Personal Open Day, my advice would be to approach the event with a positive attitude and an inquisitive mindset, and to make the most of your personalised guide by asking all the important questions... perhaps starting with 'where’s the best coffee on campus?’. 

Harrison Hanley (right) using camera equipment

Ready to book your Personal Open Day experience?

It’s your Personal Open Day, created just for you. Register to attend between Saturday, 23 September and Saturday, 7 October.


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