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Everything you need to know about Bond's Student for a Semester Program

It’s a common experience for Year 11 and 12 students to feel overwhelmed about the future as they approach the end of their high school journey. If you’re in this boat, you may be worried about choosing the wrong path or wondering whether you will enjoy the program you decide to study after graduating high school. 

Bond’s Student for a Semester program is your ticket to getting a taste of real university life before you even graduate. Once a week, you’ll attend the subject of your choosing and gain valuable insight into your study area of interest, all while rubbing shoulders with current Bondies and experiencing the Bond difference. If you like what you learn, you might even earn some credit towards your future degree!


What can you study?

Transformation CoLab

Studying a subject in the Transformation CoLab will help you level up and prepare for a world of continuously evolving professions and technology. In this study area, you will learn critical skills that are vital for leadership positions and entrepreneurship such as design thinking, business intelligence, problem-solving, and ethical logistics. 


Architecture and Built Environment

Three females sitting in the Abedian School of Architecture building.

If you often find yourself admiring architecture or designing your dream house, consider exploring the Architecture and Built Environment study area. With access to industry professionals and Bond’s world-class facilities, you can build the fundamental planning skills that will get you one step closer to seeing your design plans come to life.


Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship

A group of people in a Bond Business School boardroom.

This one is for the numbers people. With a plethora of subjects to choose from, you can jumpstart your career in areas like accounting, actuarial science, big data, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, sport management and more. 


Construction, Property and Planning

Two students standing on the grass in front of the Abedian School of Architecture building with a clipboard and paper.

Get your hard hat ready and be part of the rapid expansion of cities everywhere. With subjects designed by active industry professionals, you’ll learn about the multifaceted concepts of urban design, sustainability, construction, property development, quantity surveying, city planning and more.


Communication, Film and Creative Media

Jessica Borten holding a microphone, speaking to a camera at Bond University.

Calling out to all the creatives, deep thinkers, and imaginers. Discover how you think differently and delve deep into the world of advertising, film and television, computer game development and more. In this whirlwind of a study area, create content left, right, and centre, all of which you can add to your portfolio. 


Health, Biomedical and Sports Sciences

A student wears a green medical gown for Medical simulation

Have your lab coats and safety glasses at the ready as you explore science at a new level with one of the Student for a Semester-eligible classes. With access to labs, workshops, and industry professionals, your knowledge will grow exponentially during your time at Bond. 


International Relations, Politics and Arts

Image of many international flags, including Great Britain and Korea

Do you want to become a more well-rounded global citizen and encourage others to do the same? With a wide range of subjects available including linguistics, language and culture, international affairs and relations, history, politics and philosophy, you’ll build foundational skills to help you tackle the demands of the 21st century. 



A group of people inside a Moot Court.

With the Student for a Semester Program, you can kickstart your legal career and learn fundamental knowledge in an area of your choosing. Whether you’re interested in traditional law, dispute resolution, business law, criminology, corporate and commercial law, or forensics, Bond has it all. 


Psychology, Criminology and Social Sciences

Watching crime shows on Netflix may be a hobby, but a passion for understanding why people do the things they do or say the things they say can be a career. If you enjoy exploring peoples’ conscious and subconscious minds, perhaps you are destined for a career in psychology, criminology, or social sciences. 


Who is it for?

The Student for a Semester Program is designed for high school students living on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and northern NSW who can attend Bond’s campus once a week. To be accepted into the program, you must also be in the top 30 per cent of your year level at school. You’ll also need to be ambitious and organised to be able to balance university work with school and personal commitments. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to take the leap and experience the Bond difference in the Student for a Semester program.


What now?

Has all this information convinced you to become a Student for a Semester? If you’ve got the support of your parents and school, then you can apply now. Applications for the January semester close on Friday, 8 December. Good luck!

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