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5 things you’ll get out of attending a Bond University Experience Day

Ever wanted to get a taste of uni life before it’s time to actually live it? Making such a huge decision with no clue of what the future may hold is a daunting prospect, so it’s only natural to be curious about what you could learn and experience in your degree of choice. Cue the Experience Day!

Experience Days at Bond University are for students in Year 11 and 12, and are designed as a test drive of sorts before you commit to your choice of university and degree. Whether you’re debating the climate crisis, learning how to succeed in business, gaining hands-on experience in a health simulation or exploring how project management was applied to the Thai Cave Rescue, an Experience Day is your opportunity to better understand a prospective course of study. Who knows – you may emerge from the day even more excited about your future plans than before.

Thinking of attending an Experience Day? Here’s a snapshot of what you could gain from walking in the shoes of your future self.

1. You’ll learn more about your field of interest

Experience Days are, first and foremost, a chance to give your degree or course of study a whirl before you submit your university applications. If you’re tossing up multiple study areas, or just need confirmation that you’re headed down the right path, the opportunity to really dig into it for a day might help you make a more informed decision.

Depending on your program of choice, an Experience Day might also be a way to gain some hands-on knowledge. For instance, participants in our Health Experience Days get to assume the position of healthcare advisor and practice their clinical skills on ‘patients’. With a variety of sessions throughout the day, you’ll get a full, clear picture of what your time at university and beyond may hold.

Meanwhile, our Bond Business School Experience Days will let you put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur or businessperson across a variety of disciplines including commerce, finance and actuarial science, learning the skills necessary to succeed.

2. You’ll have the opportunity to chat to academics and meet potential classmates

Without an Experience Day, you may not have the chance to meet anyone from your prospective faculty or degree. The value in this is unparalleled – not only will you see a familiar face or two if you do decide to pursue that field of study, but you’ll also have the chance to network, ask questions and learn from others.

Experience Days at Bond give participating students a platform to really get to know the academic staff within their chosen study area, with access to lectures, workshops and Q&As hosted by various staff members. Got a pressing question about Bond, or want to know more about the career outcomes from a particular degree? This is your chance to have your queries answered!

Plus, you may also make friends at your Experience Day, and each end up following the same path. You’ll be so grateful to begin university with a few good pals on your side as you each navigate the world of tertiary study.

3. You’ll hear what it’s really like, from someone who’s lived it

Another thing you’ll get out of an Experience Day? The opportunity to pick the brain of someone who’s lived it, like a current student or alumni. Meet and learn from students in your chosen study area, as well as exceptional former Bondies with interesting stories to tell.

This is a great way to better understand a program, including the subjects you’ll study, any exciting opportunities available to you – think global study tours, internships and placements – and the potential career outcomes. If you’re interested in a degree but are struggling to see past the first few months of uni, the knowledge gained during an Experience Day will help you envision the bigger picture.

4. You’ll familiarise yourself with campus

Some students select a university without having set foot on campus, and although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, why not explore a bit if you’ve got the chance? An Experience Day is your all-access pass to campus life – you’ll sit in on classes in your faculty’s buildings, grab coffee from the best café and stroll around the grounds as you go about your day.

Learning the lay of the land can be invaluable, especially if you’re a little apprehensive about starting your tertiary studies in an all-new environment. You’ll have your go-to spots already sorted out before you enrol in classes. Being comfortable and confident when you start your university journey will go a long way!

5. You’ll be better prepared to make that big decision

The aim of an Experience Day is to give you the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make the right decision for your future. Leaving with a sense of fulfilment and confidence in your chosen path is fantastic, but it’s just as valuable to finish an Experience Day knowing that it’s not the area you want to pursue further study in.

The combination of lectures, hands-on experiences and opportunities to chat and network will give you an idea of what university life could be like should you take that particular approach. Ultimately, this day will help you to better understand what you want out of a program and a university – information that will only better equip and empower you to make a decision when the time comes.

Experience life at Bond

Discover our upcoming Bond Business School Experience Day on Tuesday, 19 October. This is your chance to step into the worlds of business, actuarial science, sport management, hotel and tourism management and business data analytics.

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