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5 reasons to participate in the Student for a Semester program

Written by Bachelor of Design in Architecture(CRICOS 0101291)student and former Student for a Semester, Ella Ramsey.

I was in high school when I first set foot in a university classroom as part of Bond University’s Student for a Semester program. What felt intimidating at first became an amazing experience that welcomed me into the Bond community – and now, I’m a full-time architecture student.

There are so many reasons to participate in the program, but here are five of my best.

1. It’s an amazing experience – and you have a personal mentor

I chose the Design Communication: Architectural Drawing subject, as I knew I was interested in exploring a career in architecture. I was introduced to my personal mentor, a second-year architecture student, who became my go-to for all things Bond and made me feel so much more comfortable with starting the semester. I also met all of my fellow high school students during Orientation, and familiarised myself with the campus and systems, which made settling in really easy.

2. You will meet lots of new people

The program provided many opportunities to meet and network with other students. With the small class sizes, I was I was able to connect with my lecturer and their tutors, as well as meet post-high school and mature aged students. After I finished my subject, I stayed in touch with some students and even reconnected with them once I started my full degree.

3. It will help you transition to university

The program allows you to get a head start on your peers by fast tracking your degree. You have the opportunity to experience some of the differences between high school and university, especially the assessments and varying teaching styles from highly qualified academics. Although the freedom of being a university student seems like fun, it also helps you recognise and understand that your ability to succeed rests solely on yourself and is measured by your effort and commitment.

 The process is very rewarding as you become aware of how far you can extend yourself. This is truly an amazing opportunity and helped me with preparing for university life, cementing my decision to study architecture at Bond.

4. You will become a pro at time management

Although at times I wondered how I would manage my Year 11 subjects and a semester at University, I learned early on that I was being supported by the staff at Bond, my mentor, and the Academic Skills Centre. I learned the art of balancing study life and extracurricular activities and to invest in the program. By choosing the program, you also undertake the commitment required, and within a short time you are finished and it is all 100 per cent worth it in the end.

5. You will access amazing opportunities

Following the completion of the semester and being awarded 10 credit points towards my current degree, I was also able to undertake work experience with a prominent Gold Coast architecture firm. For me, this secured my decision in pursuing a career of architecture. This program opens you up to many opportunities that can help you while at school and gives you an advantage over your peers.

The Student for a Semester program not only gave me skills in my chosen area, it has also created a pathway and smooth transition from Year 12 to full-time university studies. It is truly awesome being part of the Bond family.

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