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4 things I learned in my first year of university

Written by Destan Kara, Bachelor of Psychological Science / Bachelor of Laws (CRICOS 093921M) student.

Starting university study is a significant life experience for every student. It’s unique and filled with an array of opportunities. The value lies in being able to take advantage of such opportunities, and utilising them to make the most of our studies and university experience.

So, here’s some advice from a current student to a future student, including a few of the most important things that I learned in my first year studying at Bond.

1. Be open to opportunities to network and learn

Here at Bond, we’re lucky to have a large range of support facilities. Whether it be career-related or to help students excel in their academic studies, the plethora of individuals and facilities available to assist students ensure that you always have ample opportunities to take advantage of. 

Keep an eye out for regular emails sent out by the Career Development Centre and Academic Skills Centre, as well as those showcasing events held by the different faculties, to make the most out of the various networking opportunities presented to students. You never know, someone you meet at a Careers Breakfast, Information Seminar, or via Bond’s Industry Experience Program may end up being your future colleague!

Destan Kara, a woman with short dark hair, smiles at the camera

Destan Kara.

2. It’s so important to ask questions 

Due to our accelerated degrees, a degree at Bond comes to an end faster than most, and it can be exciting to think about how close the next step in your career will be. This fast pace, however, means that it becomes critical to ask questions throughout the semester, starting from your very first. If you feel you need an extra hand or help consolidating your thoughts prior to end-of-semester exams, book in a consult with your academics who have dedicated time throughout their week for this purpose – for you!

Do not put off consulting your academics – they are here to help! Asking the necessary questions can assist not only yourself, but at times even other students in the class. Plus, you’ll be demonstrating your dedication to learning and drive to succeed.

3. Start your assignments early

It seems obvious – but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Browse your assignment task sheets as soon as they are released so you know when everything is due. Even if you don’t start the paper on the day it’s released, there is so much value in being prepared and utilising each and every day available for you to set out a plan and put your ideas to work. 

4. Make the most of the resources on offer 

The library is there for a reason! Upon starting your degree at Bond, you will have access to both the on-campus libraries and Bond’s online library filled with an amazing number of books. At times I prefer a physical hard copy – but whatever your preference, take a look at the books and the incredible amount of information and the support accessible to you.

Destan Kara

These are just some of the many tips and tricks that you will discover throughout your university journey. I hope they serve you well as you power through your endeavours in academia, careers, extra-curricular activities, and beyond!

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