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A new semester presents limitless possibilities. It’s a chance to start fresh, setting new goals, routines and study habits to make the next 12 weeks even better than the last.

When it comes to any goal, preparation is key to success. Set yourself up for an amazing semester by ticking these five things off your list in the first few weeks of study.

1. Put important dates in your diary

Marking assessment deadlines in your diary can help you to keep on top of your study, from the very beginning. It will allow you to set goals and break your tasks into more manageable sections -  no all-nighters necessary.

Tip: Book an appointment with the Academic Skills Centre for help refining your study strategies.

2. Join a club (or two)

University isn’t just about your classes. Classes are incredibly important of course, but your time at Bond is also about building experiences outside the classroom that will set you apart in the workforce. Joining a student club or association is a great way to meet likeminded peers and develop your leadership skills. It also provides opportunities for well-deserved study breaks.

Explore more than 100 student clubs at Club Sign On Day in Week 2

3. Book an appointment with the Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre is the home of all the academic assistance you’ll need during your degree. The team of experts are on-hand to assist with assignments, study strategies, referencing, time management, oral presentations and more. Book an appointment online in the first weeks of your degree to set yourself up for success.

4. See the CDC

All Bond students have lifetime access Career Development Centre’s (CDC) suite of career services. The CDC is here to help you enhance your employability, supporting you with finding internship, work experience and networking opportunities. By gaining practical experience and forming strong industry links from the beginning of your degree, you’re equipping yourself with the skills and experiences to stand out after you graduate.

Tip: Save Scout, the online careers and employment portal, to your bookmarks and check it regularly for opportunities you may be interested in.

5. Get to know the library

The Bond Library isn’t just about books. As a student, you have access to a range of free resources to assist with your study and research.

Explore electronic resources, take advantage of the handy referencing and research tools and apps or book a group study room. You can even chat with a Librarian online! Library Services also runs hands-on classes and workshops, which can count towards your Beyond Bond activities.