Giving to Bond

Bond University is a not-for-profit institution. That makes Bond an independent, autonomous university, free from the constraints of reliance on government purse strings and bureaucracy. Students are central to everything at Bond, and 100 percent of surplus funds are invested back into teaching, research and facilities. Bond University relies on the active engagement and support of its family, its alumni and its community.

How to give

Bond University’s Building Fund is an exciting opportunity to participate actively in the growth of the University. The initiative enables us to build and maintain world-leading, state-of-the-art facilities for our students.

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Ambition fund

There are several reasons to give to Bond. When you are an active member of Bond University, either as a current student or alumni member, it's important to protect your investment. That degree will hold a higher standing when the university has the support it requires to succeed and grow. All graduates carry the Bond stamp with them throughout their careers and Bond University consistently ranks among the highest universities in Australia according to the Good Universities Guide. Your donation will provide Bond with additional financial leverage to ensure the future reputation, prosperity and performance of your university. Read more

The funding that Bond receives assists a number of key areas. These areas change regularly according to requirements and priorities for the study year. The main overall area of support is the student experience in general. Providing a unique experience to students is vital to Bonds growth.

Funding can help the student experience by making it possible for all deserving students to attend Bond, regardless of their background or means. There are opportunities across academic funding and scholarships to assist with studies, through to support with the Elite Athlete Fund that assists athletes who are studying at Bond and assists them with study whilst pursuing athletic excellence. Read more

There are usually a number of questions when it comes to University fundraising and how it works. Universities can vary how they use their funding and what it covers.

Why do universities fundraise?

All universities run fundraising initiatives to supplement their income. The money they use from fundraising is generally put to new building works, new student resources, additional scholarships, and research support.

What is the Ambition Fund?

The Ambition Fund is a yearly fundraising campaign. It runs for a specific time and aims to raise a specific amount of funds for a specific purpose. It is a common fundraising technique for universities, but 2010 was the first year Bond launched this campaign. Read more

Giving in action

Bond University's Ambition Fund provides the opportunity to support Bond University and have a direct impact on the future of students. Your gift helps us to provide the best teaching, facilities, support and the best educational experience for our students.

The future of this great institution will be determined not only by the successes of those who have gone before, but also by the opportunities we can provide to those to come. We urge you to play a part in that future by getting involved in our Ambition Fund. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a positive and immediate difference. Read More