PSYC71-505: Research Methods, Professional Practice and Ethics


This subject provides training in research methods and evaluation, professional practice, and ethics as applied to the professional practice of psychology. The subject is taught in two sections. In section 1, students receive 24 hours of formal academic training in learning how to manage ethical issues that arise in professional settings. The professional aspects of psychological practice are also addressed. This section includes a review of the APS Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines as applied to ethical dilemmas. Relevant legislative requirements as they relate to the practice of psychology and the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce are also covered. In section 2, students receive 24 hours of advanced training in the application of research to treatment planning and evaluating treatment outcomes. Research methods used in the applied practice of psychology, such as case studies and single case designs are discussed, and qualitative and quantitative data analytic techniques employed in applied research are examined. Students learn to identify psychological questions arising from legal theory and/or professional practice and how to design research strategies to address these questions in a manner helpful to non-psychologists and the field of public policy and legislation more broadly. There is an emphasis on how to critically appraise the strengths and limitations of various research strategies, and on developing an understanding of the unique ethical issues that arise when conducting research in professional contexts.

Learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge and behaviour consistent with the ethical, legal and professional requirements of psychological practice.
2. Demonstrate skills and knowledge of systematic psychological assessment.
3. Demonstrate the application of research knowledge and skills to psychological practice.
4. Demonstrate excellent written communication skills.


Only available if admitted into a Postgraduate Psychology accredited program

Subject outlines