MGMT13-305: Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management is an integral part of any manager’s role. It is also a specialised field within management. The point of view taken in this subject is that of a line manager who needs to execute HR activities to effectively acquire, develop, utilise, and motivate his or her own staff and to liaise effectively with specialists. This subject develops grounding in techniques of human resource planning, staff selection and recruitment, performance appraisal, training and development, and compensation. The importance of aligning HR practices with company goals and strategies is emphasised.

Learning outcomes

1. Describe the concept of strategic human resource management. Assess the fit of HR practices to strategy in organisations.
2. Explain why and how to do human resource planning and job analysis.
3. Explain the legal environment for HRM in Australia.
4. Critique recruitment and selection practices and suggest improved approaches, based on research and sound practice.  Fully prepare to conduct a job interview.
5. Describe effective practices in employee training and development.
6. Advise on issues involving employee performance appraisal and performance management, discipline, and turnover.
7. Describe and recommend appropriate employee compensation/remuneration practices suited to particular settings and goals.


Students must have successfully completed MGMT11-101 Organisational Behaviour OR CORE11-002 Leadership and Team Dynamics or equivalent prior to undertaking MGMT13-305.

No prerequisite is necessary for study abroad students

Subject outlines