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LAWS75-319: Civil Procedure


Civil Procedure is a compulsory subject in the Juris Doctor program offered by the Faculty of Law. This subject introduces students to the basic procedures and tactics for conducting civil litigation. It covers issues of jurisdiction, transfer between courts, time limits, institution of actions, pleadings, processes of discovery, various interlocutory applications, parties, amendment of proceedings, settlement and early termination of proceedings, awarding and taxing of costs, trial, appeal and execution of judgments. Students will also consider and practise professional communication skills necessary to the litigation practitioner, primarily in the context of making an interlocutory application to court and drafting relevant letters and documents.

Subject details

FacultyFaculty of Law
Semesters offered
  • September 2018 [Standard Offering]
  • January 2019 [Standard Offering]
  • May 2019 [Standard Offering]
  • September 2019 [Standard Offering]
  • January 2020 [Standard Offering]
  • May 2020 [Standard Offering]
Study abroadNot Available to Study Abroad students
Study areas
  • Law
Subject fees
  • Commencing in 2018: $4,591
  • Commencing in 2019: $4,760

Learning outcomes

1. Describe the usual course of civil proceedings, the jurisdiction of the various courts in Queensland and the provision for cross-vesting jurisdiction; the time limitations for common types of actions; the rules relevant to commencement, issue and service of proceedings and the rules and procedures required to take a civil matter to trial and if necessary, appeal.
2. Understand the procedures involved and the principles applicable to institution of actions, drafting of pleadings, discovery and other interlocutory proceedings, joinder of causes of action and parties, amendment of proceedings, awarding of costs, trial and execution of judgments.
3. Draft documents necessary to bring and support an interlocutory application, affidavit, outline of argument and draft order.
4. Demonstrate awareness of the rules of professional conduct governing litigation in Queensland.


LAWS75-211 - Principles of Tortious Liability AND LAWS75-212 - Principles of Contractual Liability AND LAWS75-213 - Law of Obligations AND Admission into LA-43045 OR LA-43051 - Juris Doctor

Subject outlines

Subject dates

Enrolment opens16/07/2017
Semester start11/09/2017
Subject start11/09/2017
Cancellation 1?25/09/2017
Cancellation 2?02/10/2017
Last enrolment24/09/2017
Last withdrawal?06/10/2017
Teaching census?06/10/2017
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens12/11/2017
Semester start15/01/2018
Subject start15/01/2018
Cancellation 1?29/01/2018
Cancellation 2?05/02/2018
Last enrolment28/01/2018
Last withdrawal?09/02/2018
Teaching census?09/02/2018
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens18/03/2018
Semester start14/05/2018
Subject start14/05/2018
Cancellation 1?28/05/2018
Cancellation 2?04/06/2018
Last enrolment27/05/2018
Last withdrawal?08/06/2018
Teaching census?08/06/2018
Standard Offering
Enrolment opens15/07/2018
Semester start10/09/2018
Subject start10/09/2018
Cancellation 1?24/09/2018
Cancellation 2?01/10/2018
Last enrolment23/09/2018
Last withdrawal?05/10/2018
Teaching census?05/10/2018