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LAWS13-563: Mining and Natural Resources Law


Mining and Natural Resources Law is an elective subject in undergraduate programs offered by the Faculty of Law. Students enrolled in the subject will learn about various legal issues relevant to mining and natural resources in Australia. The subject explores the regulation of (and other select legal considerations relevant to) the development and operation of mining projects. The subject also explores the regulation of various other natural resources. The subject is focused on mining and natural resources law in an Australian context. However, the subject also looks briefly at select international issues.

Subject details

Type: Undergraduate Subject
Code: LAWS13-563
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Credit: 10
Study areas:
  • Law

Learning outcomes

  1. Successful students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of underlying principles and concepts in mining and natural resources law.
  2. Successful students will be able to identify and articulate relevant legal issues, and apply legal reasoning to generate appropriate responses to such issues.
  3. Successful students will be able to think creatively in approaching legal issues and generating appropriate responses.
  4. Successful students will be able to engage in critical analysis and make reasoned and appropriate choices among alternatives.
  5. Successful students will be able to demonstrate the techniques of legal and non-legal research.
  6. Successful students will be able to communicate views effectively, appropriately and persuasively (both orally and in writing).

Enrolment requirements



Assumed knowledge:

Assumed knowledge is the minimum level of knowledge of a subject area that students are assumed to have acquired through previous study. It is the responsibility of students to ensure they meet the assumed knowledge expectations of the subject. Students who do not possess this prior knowledge are strongly recommended against enrolling and do so at their own risk. No concessions will be made for students’ lack of prior knowledge.


Students must be admitted into a Bachelor law degree or Bachelor of Laws combined degree or be an approved Law Study Abroad OR Law exchange student.

This subject is not available as a general elective. To be eligible for enrolment, the subject must be specified in the students’ program structure.