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Ruby side has firm eye on finals

Aby Boland
Aby Boland continues to grow in stature in the Ruby Series 

The Bull Sharks Ruby side can remain in finals contention with a victory over the Cougars on Sunday while the Sapphire women are desperate to show the reigning champs they have come a long way since Round 1. 

Last time they met

The Bull Sharks were plucky but outclassed when they went down to last year’s champion by 18 goals in the first round. The Cougars promise to be a very different opponent second time around with key injuries and Super Netball player promotion likely to force a few team changes. 

In the Ruby game, Bond were punished for silly errors at crucial times, and they also fell short by 8 goals. The Bull Sharks will probably face a shuffled Cougars line-up on Sunday too. 

Each of Bond’s teams has improved markedly since the competition’s early moments and this weekend, both contests promise to be tight. 

What’s in store


Coach Bec Stower has put her side on notice demanding improved efficiency when they win the ball off their opponents.  

“We are looking to consolidate our mid court relationships, to then connect more consistently with our shooters,” she said.

“Our strengths have been in winning ball in through court defence and our circle entry percentage.

“Now we need to really dig deep to increase our turnover conversion rate. 

“It's been letting us down, and there will be no more excuses.


Coach Kim Boland has urged her side to stay switched on for the entire four quarters with a top four position at stake.

“We are looking to bring the same consistency we found in the Jets game into the Cougars game this week, top four spot is on the line and we do not want to lose focus on securing our place,” she said.

“We have addressed our third quarter slump from Round 1 and will be looking to our defenders again to turnover ball like they did last week.” 

Who to watch

Kaylin van Greunen’s Sapphire star continues to rise. Her 38 goals were supplemented by two offensive rebounds and a pickup as she snared her another gameday MVP award.  

Abby Boland was best on court for the Ruby team. Her 41 goals, two assists, two pickups and two offensive rebounds were the cornerstone of an excellent team performance.

When and where

The Bull Sharks head to South Pine Sport Complex on Brendale on Sunday.

Ruby centre pass is at midday. The Sapphire game starts at 2.00pm. 


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