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Pride in every Bull Shark stride

Matt Smith and Mitch Mills in pride round socks
Captain Matt Smith and Mitch Mills in their Pride Round socks  

The usual blue and yellow Bull Shark AFL jumpers will look a little different this week with each of Bond’s teams bringing out the colours of the rainbow for Pride Round. 

“Pride round is such an important round for our team and the QAFLW as a whole,” QAFLW Seniors vice-captain Courtney Sexton said. 

“As a team it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate solidarity and show our commitment to inclusivity and equality. 

“It’s even more special for us as a team this year with our deputy vice- captain Grace Moodie and Charlotte Taylor, getting engaged last weekend.”

Beyond the Pride Round on field action, education around LGBTQIA+ issues are front and centre.  

“We have always made sure to participate through our rainbow socks and the AFL Queensland and Pride in Sport education sessions,” men’s Senior captain Matt Smith said. 

“The women’s team does a lot, and the men’s team are trying to engage with support groups to see what else we can do and how else we can contribute to the Pride Round festivities.

“We have so many different people from so many walks of life here at the AFL club, whether they’re from the university or from outside. 

“We have a very inclusive group and environment that we are proud of and we are always excited to participate in this round and want to continue growing through it in the future. 

“At our education sessions we learn a lot that we plan on using to support the inclusive environment of our club.”

The men’s team have partnered with Bond Together to ensure they have a Pride Round people won’t soon forget. 

Bond Together is a staff and student organisation that celebrates respect, diversity, and inclusion on campus and beyond. 

“Bond Together is more than just a group; it is a movement spotlighting the voices and lived experiences of our diverse community,” Bond Together spokesperson Broni Turnbull said.

“It is a platform encouraging conversation and connection as the foundation for creating meaningful change. 

“At Bond University, we are committed to fostering a culture where every individual feels seen, heard, and respected.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Bond’s QFA team this Saturday for their pride round activations.”

Our men’s team will host Coolangatta at The Canal in their Pride Round fixture while Bond’s women take on top-of-the-table Aspley away at the Hornets’ Nest. 


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