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Hollie-Kate takes her shot at the world championships

Hollie-Kate Melia
Hollie-Kate Melia 

Completing a double degree in Business and Law and pursuing an elite sporting career is a balancing act – but luckily that’s no problem for gymnast Hollie-Kate Melia.

Alongside her study regime is a hectic weekly training schedule that would tip most people over the edge. 

As a competitive aerobic gymnast, Melia makes the trek from Bond University to the River City Gymnastics Academy in Brisbane five times a week. 

She is driven by the ambition to represent Australia she has harboured since first beginning gymnastics as a child. 

Her journey began at the age of three with recreational gymnastics which evolved into competitive participation at the age of 11. 

In high school Melia attended Moreton Bay College, renowned as the centre of excellence for gymnastics. 

Over the years she has collected countless medals and achievements, including 10 appearances on the Queensland State Team. 

Heading into 2024 it’s a big year for elite athletes worldwide, and so too for gymnasts. 

“Whilst aerobic gymnastics is a non-Olympic discipline, our highest level of competition, the World Championships, is just around the corner,” Melia said. 

“The World Championships take place every second year, so my team and I are determined to qualify for next year’s event.” 

Aerobic Gymnastics offer various categories – individual, duo, trio, group of five, and group of eight.

Historically Melia had only competed in individual events due to her university study load, however at the beginning of this year she made the transition into group events. 

“My group and I now train together every single day and the majority of the competitions I enter now are with them,” she said. 

“We get to spend a lot of time with each other training – they’re pretty much my second family at this point.” 

Melia and her group achieved a major goal this year when they represented Australia at the Trans-Tasman Cup in New Zealand and placed second, which earned the 24-year-old a Bond University Blue at last week’s awards night. 

Off the back of their first international appearance, the group are in high spirits as they prepare to embark on a challenging road ahead. 

The next target is securing a spot in the Australian national squad which opens the doors to trial for a position at the World Championships.

“My team and I came up with the combined goal to get to the World Championships next year,” she said. 

“In the process we’ve formed our group, built a routine, as well as had choreographers and coaches from around the world fly to Australia to give advice and feedback.

“We’ve had coaches from Bulgaria, we’ve got someone from Hungary coming out, and it’s quite a big commitment in that regard.”

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