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Bond Surf Club’s new wave

Trent Lyndon
Trent Lyndon at the UniSport National Surf Titles 

As dawn breaks over Burleigh Beach, a group of Bondies immerse themselves in a tradition upheld for over a century on the Gold Coast.

After a hiatus, the Bond Surf Club was rebooted this semester in the lead up to the UniSport National Surfing Titles. 

The club proudly fosters a sense of community, with students of all surfing abilities uniting over a shared love of waves and a communal bacon and egg cook-up.

Club Treasurer and Bond Property Management student, Will Worboys, said the club is an excellent way for students to get to know each other and have some fun out in the surf. 

“I’m not normally a competitive surfer, but I do really enjoy getting competitive with my mates,” he said.

Worboys said the formation of the surf club came naturally.

“The surf community is quite tight on the Goldie.

“You meet a couple of people, next thing you know you’re surfing, making it into a little bit of a club and having some fun.

“It would be a bit ironic if Bond didn’t have a surf club, considering we back onto one of the best beaches in the world.”

The club is open to all-comers and attracts international students seeking a taste of the Aussie lifestyle. 

Norwegian student, Even Flaekoey, who has been studying a Master of Business Administration at Bond since August last year, said there is a small developing community of surfers in his home country.

“I was getting into surfing in Norway, however it's pretty hard to get out to the West Coast which is the only place you can surf in Norway and long drive from where I’m from,” he said. 

It hasn’t taken Flaekoey long to learn that the swells that hit the west of his homeland have little in common with Gold Coast’s famous but cluttered eastern point breaks. 

“Surfing is fantastic here but there’s big crowds and a lot of angry old men when you’re out there,” he said. 

The UniSport National Surf Titles are currently taking place on the Sunshine Coast and will continue through until July 13th. 

The titles attract 150 surfers from around Australia. Bond has entered a team of ten.

“I think Bond will go well,” Worboys said. 

“We’ve got some dark horses, some secret weapons out there, so hopefully they can pull through.”

Bondies to watch include Nemo Nogues, Zac Hutchinson, and Trent Lyndon.





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